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How to Save Flash Games on Your PlayBook & Play Them Offline

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One of the coolest features on the BlackBerry PlayBook is the solid Flash support. Over time I have been trying many different flash games and found that about 50% of them are loads of fun on the PlayBook. Some require a keyboard for movement or right click mouse button for options but most don’t. If you are hardcore you can even play those that do require a keyboard or mouse using Bluetooth devices.

FTWrath let me know about a tutorial he wrote up about how to save Flash games locally on your PlayBook and then play them offline. Here are the steps he choose to simplify the process:

  1. browse to File 2 HD
  2. take the link of your Flash game. We will test this with Magic Touch. As you can see I took the full website URL where the game is played.
  3. Paste that in the File2HD text input area, agree to Terms of Service, and make sure Objects is selected. Now click Get Files.
  4. you might have a few SWF files returned. Select either by holding down on them and selecting “Save Link As”
  5. Now choose a file name and Save.

Here’s the fun part. To play the game locally

  1. Fire up the browser
  2. Open a new tab and type in File:// and hit enter.
  3. Browse to > Accounts > 1000 > Shared > Downloads
  4. Find the swf file you just saved and select it.
  5. It will open your game in the browser. Bookmark the game and add it to Homescreen.

Now you can load it whenever you want and play offline!

Kudos to FTWrath for the tutorial. Let him know what you think in the forums.

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  1. Thanks for that info didn’t know that…

  2. I get a “cannot navigate to local files”??

  3. Using “local:///” instead of “file:///”

  4. Cool Thanks

  5. Never knew that…it’s like the possibilities with this device are endless iPad users…

  6. Very cool trick! I gotta try this

  7. Wow. That means potentially millions of apps. Someone needs to make an ap that aggregates these into a “free app store”!

  8. Then here is our offer once again with 700 swf flash games:

    Note that some games need keyboard to play then just ignore them or using bluetooth keyboard one.

    Try and have fun guys.


  9. Just tried it out. I got it to work by typing local:// instead of file:// and hitting enter. To get to the shared directory, I had to hold down “parent directory” until the submenu came up. I then selected open link. I did this twice until i saw shared. I then opened the downloads link the same way and found the magictouch.swf file. I then followed the rest of the directions as above.

    Works perfectly.

  10. muahahaha…. oh and thanks

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