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Giveaway: & Review OtterBox For The BlackBerry PlayBook

rbb2-plybk-20-4OtterBox is know for making durable cases and in they made a fortress for the BlackBerry playBook. They recently sent us a sample to review the OtterBox communter series for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Note: Aside from the review OtterBox has sponsored a giveaway for two combos consisting of a BlackBerry case of your choice and one for your PlayBook. More details at the end of the review.

Review: BlackBerry Defender Case for the PlayBook

If you recently bought a brand new PlayBook now worried about dropping it? Luckily for you quite a few options are available in the BlackBerry PlayBook case category. Today we are looking at the Otterbox Defernder series which brings full protection for your PlayBook. If you have not used Otterbox before they provide rugged style cases for mobile devices and a member of the built for BlackBerry program.



  • Three layers of protection
  • Complete interaction of the device’s functions
  • Clip on, multi-directional shield with built-in stand
  • WEIGHT WITHOUT SHIELD: 11.99 oz / 340.19 g
  • DIMENSIONS: 5.78 in x 8.03in x 1.17 in 146.81 mm x 204.06 mm x 29.82 mm

Package and Form Factor: The case comes in a small box already assembled all you need to do is take it apart and place your PlayBook in the casing which consists of a three layer protection.

A clear 2 piece polycarbonate shell that clips together that encases the PlayBook and includes the clear protective screen already attached to the polycarbonate piece. This makes it easier no messy installs of the screen protector. The third layer is a durable silicon skin that makes it a comfortable grip. The case also includes a clip on multi-directional shield with a stand. The stand allows you to set the PlayBook in two different angles.

Port access: The PlayBook is fully protected with a tight fit inside the case but that does not mean it takes away from acess to the buttons and charging ports. Otterbox has buikt easy access to the camera, USB, HDMI, ports and the Bezel is not covered by the case. This gives you high quality protection without giving up any of the feature of the PlayBook.

Size: I do have to point out that the case does add weight and increase in size to the PlayBook so you do give up that with this case but it makes up by giving you the best protection you will find for for your BlackBerry PlayBook.

Protection: The OtterBox has a built in screen protector that requires no messy installation process and it even works if you have another already on the PlayBook. The PlayBook OtterBox case makes the device feel really secure, to the fact that my friend had a really tough time trying to take it out. So you can’t go wrong with the protection it offers. The playBook fits tightly inside the device giving you a secure rugged feel when carrying.

The clip on Shield/Stand: This also provides another level of protection for the front of your PlayBook which also turns into a stand with two angles to stand your PlayBook.

Pros: Secures your device with the best protection available. Reliable, easy to set up, functionality is not diminished. peace of mind.

Cons: Adds to the size and weight of the PlayBook

Al though the case add to the size I can take my PlayBook anywhere without worrying I may damage it if it is dropped. The case will not open up and the devices pops out.


Price: $69.95

at www.OtterBox.Com

Giveaway: For a chance to win one of the two prize simply leave a comment below and let us know if you have used an OtterBox before or why you want one?

The prize consist of a case for your Blackberry and your PlayBook. Only one comment per person. Comments must be left before June 27. Good luck.

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  1. I’ve never had an otterbox for any of my devices mostly because I have insurance and don’t care of it gets beat up but the playbook is sexy and I want to keep it clean of scratches so help me out berryreview :)

  2. Haven’t used an Otter box before but I use my BB sometimes geocaching and being the butterfingers that I am have dropped it a few times and have often thought I should get an Otterbox case for geocaching.

  3. Well, only count me for this one if I win the PlayBook giveaway… :p

  4. I think this should say Defender, not commuter right. Would love using one as I used the commuter case on most of my BBs.

  5. I have the otterbox now but would love to have one for my torch. They are great protection.

  6. An Otterbox case is a must. Had one on my previous Bold and it lasted very well as a result. I’d love to do the same w/ my new one & my pb!

  7. oh, what protection the otter box provides. i have dropped my vzw bold on concrete, ceramic tile, gravel…takes a lickin and keeps on tickin. would love this protection for my playbook. dropped it once on the hardwood floor, fortunately only from the arm rest of the chair. one for that, one for bold.

  8. I’ve never used OtterBox, but recently I though it would be more convinient for my Torch:) when i will get extra money I want to buy PlayBook so both OtterBoxes will be used 😉

  9. OMG, with my previous track record with my BB’s, I seriously need one of these. I am currently using My poor Storm 2 with a badly cracked screen.

  10. sign me up
    OtterBox for the playbook would equal peace of mind for me in case I was to drop it .. thanks guys for the contest on berryreview

  11. I have never used an Otterbox product before but winning one would be my first :)

  12. Would be nice to try Otterbox product.
    Count me in :)

  13. it looks great, protection and functionality, would loooove to get one

  14. The playbook rocks. Give BlackBerry users a $100 discount and RIM would sell a pile more!

  15. would love to win one of these.

  16. I would appreciate if you would give me an Otterbox.

  17. I am currently using Otterbox case for my Blackberry 9780 and its awesome. I love my Playbook and will love to have the same great protection. So that would be awesome to get one of these cases :)

  18. I have not used the Otterbox yet, but it looks awesome and the last thing I want is to damage my playbook! This would be a lifesaver!

  19. I wouldn’t be without my Otterbox for my 9700. It’s saved my phone on more than on occasion.

    I’m been looking arrond for a case for my playbook.

  20. looks like another great OtterBox product. Definitely getting one when I get a PlayBook.

  21. I have an OtterBox for my Berry, and would love one for my PlayBook.

  22. I think the only thing that could make it better would be if it came in different colors. Like Pink, e.g.

  23. I would like an Otterbox for the Playbook so when (if) I drop the damb thing it’ll be okay!!

  24. Count me in!! Please

  25. I have never used an OtterBox case on any device that *i* own, but i have travelled with friends who have OtterBox cases for their camera and electronics. OtterBox cases are pricey, but UBER durable. This is precisely why i would like to win this contest; I am a broke University student / PlayBook developer who would like to protect his PlayBook.

  26. I do need a cover for my Playbook – Otterbox, wow! Thanks for the great review and great products.

  27. I have an Otterbox for my 9700 and its awesome. I love the feel of the phone. I would love to have a Otterbox for my Playbook!

  28. I use otterbox cases on both of my phones currently, so i’m not quite sure why I haven’t gotten one for my playbook yet.. They are awesome cases and I would love to win this pair!! pretty please?

  29. I haven’t used an OtterBox product before. It would be great to have a premium case for my Playbook and my Blackberry!

  30. I’ve never had one for my BlackBerry devices. Would be a nice addition to my devices. hopefully they dont add too much weight or bulky-ness.

  31. Wow. I really hope to win one. Will really give my playbook some hardcore protection

  32. Don’t have one — my son has one for his Curve and he recommends them.
    Bottom line: Accidents happen. That’s why they call them accidents. If you’re not heartbroken after playing 52 card pickup with the pieces of your brand spanking new PlayBook then the OtterBox Defender is not for you. For the rest of us, the ones who value the toys we buy, do yourself a favour. What price tag do you put on peace of mind?

  33. I love the Otterbox on my 9700. An OB for the PB I hope to win would be excellent. Really excellent

  34. i need an otterbox as i always drop my phone whilst taking it out of my pocket!

  35. I have a kick-stand case for my PlayBook, but the Otterbox looks formidable.

  36. i had an otterbox case on my Bold 9780 lasted for 3 yrs but unfortunately i broke it the other day…. so would be nice to have for my playbook

  37. i had an otterbox case on my Bold 9780..
    Otterbox is the best case to protect my investment. :)

  38. I never had a Ottberbox but I am look for a similar one.

  39. pick me up!

    i will buy a playbook, and i need this case!

  40. hi

  41. Very nice..Great deal and good luck to all. OtterBox Hard case + PlayBook = Long Life

  42. I want one because I like Otterbox

  43. Used this otterbox for my PB. Make me feel secured! Must have this case for careless owner…

  44. Never without one on my playbook. This is a must have to protect your investment…

  45. Sick giveaway! Luis does it again. Nice review man.

  46. I have not used an Otter box personally, but I have helped a couple of friends get their BB’s ‘protected’. Seeing how they well they work, it would be nice to protect my BB stuff too.

  47. I haven’t used an otterbox but I have seen my phone go splat in many different pieces. Not pretty on a train platform. I would like to get an Otterbox for my Playbook so that doesn’t happen and one for my Torch too :).
    Thanks Berryreview and Otterbox!!!!!

  48. I’ve needed a case for a while, and after your review it looks like this one would be a good fit.

  49. Thanks for the opportunity to get free, and really nice, products.

  50. got one for my torch and it saved me from buying a new berry about 11 times.. so i love them

  51. love to win it!!

  52. i have an otter box for my torch and it is amazing drop it by accident all the time and still phones in mint condition i have a playbook but dont like to take it outside of the house cause there are no good cases out there yet!!!

  53. Otterbox cases are excellent!!!

  54. I have an otterbox for my storm2. It is absolutely the best protection I’ve ever had for any of my cellphones, and it helped make it look like it could kick some ass, military style. Now I need to wrap my new PB with that awesome exoskeleton from Otterbox!!

  55. The Otterbox cases are the strongest cases by far. Thanks for the contest.

  56. yes please, never used an OtterBox before and have been debating for a while. this would be great. thanks BR and OB

  57. i use otterbox commuter on my 9700 its a good build and i have no regret using it. still a little bit curious about the defender though

  58. i need it for my future playbook

  59. Otterbox is perfect for playbook!

  60. I’ve never used an otterbox before because it seemed bulky and pricey, but i would love to try one for free!

  61. now thiss i can use… a lil less worrying about playbook damage

  62. I would love an otterbox to protect my shiny new playbook

  63. Well, I haven’t used an otterbox before but I won’t mind this for my playbook.

  64. Otterbox stuff is the best. Count me in

  65. OtterBox!

  66. I have an OtterBox Commuter for my BB and it has saved it quite a few times when I have dropped my BB. I also have a OtterBox Defender for my wife’s iPod Touch. VERY glad I got it. My 3 year old son isn’t always perfectly kind to the iPod even though he loves it. It would be nice to have a Defender for a PlayBook, then I’d rest in peace at night when it comes to the longevity of the PlayBook.

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