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Giveaway: Win One of Two PowerSkin® Battery-Boosting Smartphone Cases For The 9700 or 8500 Series

01One of the problems with mobile devices these days is the fact that they run out of juice fast. We recently heard that PowerSkin supports the BlackBerry 9700, 9780, 8520, and 8530. The BlackBerry devices are know for having superior battery life compared to all the power hog devices out there but that doesn’t mean it will last all day for a power user such as myself. The PowerSkin cases not only offers extra power on the go, it also protects your device.


PowerSkin®: Shock-Absorbing, Battery-Boosting Smartphone Cases

Cases are designed to be your go-to, go-anywhere, go on-and-on power source, fusing style and superior protection into a slim-fitting smartphone case that doubles battery life

  • PowerSkin® collection includes cases for iPhone 4, HTC EVO, HTC Thunderbolt, Droid X, BlackBerrys, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Vibrant, HTC HD7, myTouch 4G and many other smartphones
  • One piece tough case outfitted with impact-resistant silicone rubber
  • Cases are lightweight, flexible and feature a non-slip grip for ultimate protection
  • XPAL Powered™ battery technology extends talk time anywhere from 4.5 to 8 hours, providing a convenient, compact source of power
  • 100% recycled (except for the battery and internal components)
  • All cases come standard with micro-USB recharge port, on/off button and LED battery status lights

Tech specs

  • Power Capacity: 1150mAh
  • Input Spec: 5V, 0.7A
  • Output Spec: 5V, 0.7A
  • Talk Time: 230 Mins*
  • Standby: 265 Hours*
  • Product Dimensions:
    4.45L X 2.75W X 0.9H inches
    11.3L X 7W X 2.3H cm
  • Weight: 0.17lbs / 77.1g
  • Package Contents:
    PowerSkin Case & Charging Cable

Where can you purchase:

Or through

AT&T & T-Mobile BlackBerry 9700 AP1001B85 $59.99 1500
Sprint & Verizon BlackBerry 8530 AP1001B85 $59.99 1500
T-Mobile BlackBerry 9780 AP1001B85 $59.99 1500
T-Mobile & AT&T BlackBerry 8520 AP1001B85 $59.99 1500

They also have these available for other non BlackBerry devices.



Giveaway: The guys from PowerSkin have sponsored a giveaway for two cases. All you have to do for a chance to win is leave a comment before Monday June 27th. No more than one comment is allowed or else you automatically disqualify yourself. Good luck.

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  1. It’s huge.

  2. I would like get one for my Bold 9700 :) (if oversees participation available)

  3. Wow I love being a 9700 crackberry owner so many nifty lil items 4 it lol

  4. sign me up …..thanks guys

  5. I’m curious about this. 97xx if I win, please.

  6. you win

  7. This would be a great case for my 9700. Post 10!

  8. 4.45L X 2.75W X 0.9H inches is hardly HUGE! :)

    I’d certainly use with my 9700 :)

  9. I want one of these for my Virgin Mobile 8530 (same as sprint) one way or another. I’m too addicted to my Berry *Not* to have one!!

  10. My battery gets abused regularly so this sure would help.

  11. Hey! im in on this one, would be perfect for my Bold 9700, thanks again BerryReview for this awesome contest.

  12. Great review and great product. Sometimes you just need a little boost to get through the day.

  13. At the cottage my 9700 runs out of juice quickly. This would be a great fix!

  14. This would be a nice addition to my Seidio extended battery on long intervals between charging for my 9700

  15. Much needed for a 9780!

  16. One for me please!

  17. Would love to have the case for my blackberry 9700!! thanks BerryReview and PowerSkin for such a sweet contest :)

  18. Awww i want the 9700 case please!! gluck to all n thxx BR!! (:

  19. noww thats wht i really want!! ive saw powerskin before i bought my fone but i was lil bit for me to buy one!!
    wish to win one for my 9700!

  20. i want one for my 9700 please!
    good luck all br fans!

  21. good!, it is a excellent accessory!

    i need this for my 9700

  22. hmmm interesting anything thats double my battery life sign me up pls..

  23. My god! I would *love* to be able to flaunt to my android using friends that i only change my phone’s battery/case once a *week*. It might convince a few of them to come back over to the BB side of the spark phone world :)

  24. Ah man, I would love this for my 9700!

  25. I would love to have one of these for my Curve 8530. I’m usually having to plug in for a recharge mid day.

    This would be a real helpful to me.

  26. I would love to have one. My 9780 phone is a data hungry battery vampire.

  27. I would love love love to win! I am so lost without my bff blackberry!!

  28. Another great contest guys. You can always tell the really good ones…..everybody wants in. The count is going up fast!!!

  29. I’d rock that case for my 8530!

  30. I’ll take one, Thanks

  31. Too bad they dont make it for other models i would buy one for my torch too. If i win this i would maybe use my bold more haha

  32. This would be sweet on my 9780.

  33. Would be great on my 9780 and thank U for this giveaway.

  34. Wonderful giveaway!

  35. wow it would be great to win one :)

  36. Yay yay yay! PowerSkin for my BlackBerry 9700 will definitely save me from my Boss who always keep saying that your BB is always out of Power whenever it is essential to talk with you. I might get promoted too. Please give me one . . . Please ! ! !

  37. This is what I need. I always run out of battery while in the important matter.

  38. Very nice

  39. Love to get one for my 9700

  40. I want it for my BB9700

  41. love to have one!

  42. Would be very nifty for my bold 9700

  43. Ah, would be a great accessory for my 9700.

  44. This is a very nice looking solution to bb battery problem! Like the wing des

  45. Would come in very handy – particullarly when travelling

  46. Like the idea of power and protection. Count me in.

  47. This looks intriguing. I have a Bold 9700. I’m in!

  48. I need an accessory like this. Count me in

  49. OMG. PICK ME. :)

  50. really nice, pls pick me! :)

  51. Some extra power on the go, paired with a protective case?
    Sure, I want one!

  52. If I win I will carry my playbook in my right hand and my 9700 in my left making jerky movements while I walk making transformer noises!

  53. Looks very nice, I would love to get some extra power [:

  54. It’s pretty good, but is it really needed for BB? My current 9700 stays up much longer than any previous phone I had. This is a must have for iPhone which dies after couple of hours playing.

  55. The force be with me… I hope….

  56. Nice giveaway!. This is a great way to have enough battery power to last. Hope to win and good luck everyone!

  57. Sweeet hope to get a new protector for my phone

  58. Wow another give away please pick me this time…bravo berryreview and power skins

  59. nice one, i’ll buy it soon, must have for my 9700

  60. Finally something for the 8530 thought we were the forgotten curve

  61. I would love one of these for my 8530! Thanks for the contest!

  62. So perfect giveaway!

  63. This case looks fantastic, exactly what I could use! I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

  64. Protection and longevity! This is good!

  65. Nice to see company interest in an established workhorse like the 9700. We have a field based work force of 450+ and this is a great value add.
    Using Xpal for Dell630. Purchase small unit for 9700; but not enough power to handle.

  66. Please, please, please pick me! This would get a lot of usage on my 9700.

  67. What an ingenious idea! Count me in! :)

  68. I hope to win this. The battery of my 4 month old BB 9780 is already not sufficient for my daily usage

  69. i need one

  70. Great idea and they look pretty cool. Great for times away from home like camping!!! Want one

  71. I would love one for my 9700.

  72. Looks like I have a 50/50 chance of winning… Either I do or I don’t! If I do, I’d like the 97000 version. Thanks!

  73. This looks like a GREAT item. Would love it to increase the battery life on my 9550

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