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Verizon’s Stingy New Data Plans Detailed Fully in Latest Leak

Verizon data plans

We have already heard rumors and confirmation from Verizon about their upcoming data tiers but it is all starting to get official now. The new plans go into effect on July 7th and in this case you really do get less GB for your buck. AndroidCentral scored a few data sheets along with an employee email about the new plans. Verizon is even throwing in an extra “Screw You” by changing the business discounts to only apply to the data plan on the primary line and are mostly only 20% despite what other discounts you may have on service.

Data Sheet Verizon Data Plans Data Sheet Verizon Data Plans2

What we do know now is that current unlimited plan customers will be grandfathered into their “Unlimited” 5GB plans even if you upgrade devices. If you sign up with a new plan or want to add unlimited data you still can until July 7th. After then if you create a new data plan or add another line with a data plan there will be no unlimited option.

If you needed any more reason to think that the AT&T and T-Mobile merger would be bad for competition and raise rates then look no further than this. At least AT&T cut $5 off their “unlimited” plans when they brought it down from 5GB to 2GB.

You can check out the full email sent to indirect resellers and analysis over at AndroidCentral

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  1. So if it is $10 per GB after your allowance, there is no scenario where it would be cheaper to go with the 5GB plan over the 2GB plan.

    Am I the only one seeing this that way?

  2. So your basically screwed after July 7th for unlimited that sucks 🙁

  3. Wow that’s expensive! I’m not going to complain about the Cdn plans.

    Through Rogers with a voice plan you can get the following:
    $15/mo Unlimited Social Networking (Facebook™, Twitter™, MySpace. Applications: BlackBerry® Messenger, Windows Live™ Messenger, GoogleTalk, Yahoo!® )

    But no additional data for surfing.

    Or $30 you can get all the above + 1 GB which allows you to tether as well.

    Or $60 you can get 5 GB + unlimited Social networking

    The big 3 carriers all have similar plans.

    Fido might be cheaper. I think they got something like $70.00 that gives you 300 anytime minutes, unlimited social networking, 1GB data, unlimited texting…

    Can’t believe we finally have something cheaper in the Canada! LOL.

    And here is something very interesting in Canada. Only the BB data plan is universal so you can use your BB plan with any other smartphones. But a Smartphone specific plan cannot be used on a BB. You have to call Rogers and have them convert it. The regular smartphone plans do not include BIS and your BB will not recognize it properly.

  4. Unless you are really streaming audio & video all day long, I find it hard to believe that people are going over these caps regularly. The reason I say that is, don’t most of you connect to WiFi more often than not when you’re using your BlackBerry? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like what the entire industry is doing lately. Clearly, a lot of people must be going over 5GB/month if Verizon took the time to come up with this tiered system. Still, at 3G speeds, I would have to think those people have their data connection pegged 24/7. With 4G appearing, Verizon looks to be covering their butts.

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