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PSA: Certain BlackBerry Torch OS Versions Cause “Rapid Battery Drain”

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I had a few friends mention that their BlackBerry Torch battery has been worse than usual in the last few months and I just thought their battery was starting to deteriorate. It turns out that they may have a known BlackBerry Torch OS issue confirmed by RIM today. To summarize RIM says that certain BlackBerry OS builds for the Torch suffer “from rapid battery drain and overall sluggishness due to the phone application using high amount of CPU.” These exact OS builds are between OS to

What is really disturbing about this is that OS is the current OFFICIAL OS build for the AT&T BlackBerry Torch on the BlackBerry download site. RIM is recommending you downgrade but I highly recommend you upgrade to the latest leaked OS or other recent releases from other carriers. If you need help with that let us know in the comments or the forums. To figure out what OS version your Torch is running just start writing an email and type myver in the subject or body and it will show you the version number as 9800/6.0.0.XXX.

Here is the full issue from RIM’s knowledge base:

BlackBerry Torch 9800 battery suffers rapid battery drain due to Phone application utilizing high CPU

Article ID: KB27412
Support Content
Last Modified: 06-22-2011


The BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 suffers rapid battery drain and overall sluggishness due to the Phone application utilizing high amount of CPU.


  • BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 smartphone
  • BlackBerry® Device Software to
  • DT 1233226


This is a previously reported issue that is being investigated by our development team. No resolution time frame is currently available.


Downgrade the smartphone operating system to a previously known working version.

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  1. On a related note, I posted to the Beta forums about BBM 6 – I’d noticed serious battery drain after installing it.

    I received this reply:

    Thanks for reporting this. We are aware of the battery drain problem and our team is working on coming up with a solution.

  2. I upgraded to .576 about a week or so ago and did see some improvement of the battery life over the .526 I had from AT&T. Now I will be trying .600 that it is out.

  3. They should be kidding only to Anything has 5 in it sucks on that situation… Even cant say .600 is better! Best OS I ever used on Torch is, .499 (9700) over .486 full java. And because of data cutoff problem on all .5xx build I’m thinkin’ to load .486 radio w/ .600 cods 🙂

  4. My Torch’s battery life is *terrible*. I get 8-10 hours with moderate use. I wasn’t sure why, sounds like a combination of apps may be to blame.

    Roy, roll it up. I’ll try it out.

  5. I find this is a problem with Rogers as well. My device is so sluggish.

  6. 488 ftw

  7. I have upgrade to .576 and i did experience a battery drain for like the first 2days and i don’t know what happen it just stopped it was so weird. I’m trying out the .600 now and no battery drain so far and its working pretty good on the 9700 too…….

  8. I had a user with this problem and read in another forum that disabling compression under the Memory menu fixed it. I tried it and they’ve been happy with the battery life since.

  9. Frustrating since the last OS AT&T upgrade fried my phone and had to be replaced. So has anyone upgraded to .600?

  10. i have a bb9850 yes and it drains the battery fast and on top of that its processing speed is way too slow need help…

  11. I started experiencing this issue a couple of weeks ago. Really frustating!

    I send a message to RIM … no reply!

    I was running version (bundle 2475).
    I updated tot this version months ago without any problems.

    RIM says it’s related to versions to
    I updated to version (bundle 2543) and it didn’t fix the problem.
    Personally, I believe it’s not related to any version. If it would have been, the issue would have started after updating to the new version. It didn’t. Just months later I started to experience this.

    So, I started looking at the modules that would cause this issue.
    I found that the net_rim_bb_phone_app module was causing the high cpu values.

    I looked around on the internet and found the following link:

    They suggested to clear the phone call logs.
    I tried it and voila, the phone app calmed down and no problem since.

    RIM should take a close look at their phone app logs causing a message queue overflow.

    Hope this helps others as well!

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