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Giveaway: Win One of 25 Copies of BerryWeather from BellShare

screenshot_6Do you constantly keep up with the weather and need a good application to check it on your BlackBerry? BerryWeather is my favorite weather application because it allows you to customize the look and how it behaves. The most important feature is the pushed weather alerts. You can set your location or just allow it to change by cell tower location convenient for those who travel. The app has a ton of features that allows you to set custom views and icons, with support for multiple locations.


  • Our weather provider: Weather Underground
  • Current conditions including “Feels like” temperature, wind, pressure, dew point, humidity.
  • 7-day forecast with high/low temperature and precipitation probability
  • 24-hour forecast with temperature, precipitation probability, wind and humidity
  • Track your location via GPS/cell
  • Instant weather advisory notifications via push technology (US only)
  • Built-in animated radar maps (US only)
  • Easily switch between 7 different views (Current, Daily Forecast, Hourly Forecast etc)
  • Get more accurate conditions by switching to a nearby weather stations for any location
  • Replace/extend the default radar maps with your preferred weather service’s radar maps!
  • Add custom web cams and other media links (weather radio, video, HTML etc) to any location.
  • Sunrise/Sunset times and moon phase
  • Customizable homescreen icon showing current conditions
  • See your current weather as a homescreen wallpaper (OS 4.7 and higher)
  • Share your weather on Twitter
  • Completely customize BeWeather using themes, background wallpaper, font and icon sizes


The app can be purchased through the BR store for $9.99 at this link.

Giveaway Details:  For chance to win a free copy leave us a comment below, no double comments allowed. Comments must be left before Friday.

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  1. you win one copy

  2. Awesome weather app. Like this more than most. Would love to win a copy.

  3. I need my free copy 😀

  4. I want one copy!!!

  5. Sign me up!

  6. Just what I need. Just uninstalled a widget weather app because I didn’t like its presentation. Count me in!

  7. Would love to win. Great contest. Thanks to BerryReview and BellShare!

  8. I want thisssssssssSsssss :)

  9. i hope i win

  10. I want one copy please!

  11. I’ve been wanting this for a long time but I’m trying to start a business completely out of pocket, plus we have 2 kids, so even this small amount had to be put off. Every little bit counts! I would love to be one of the winners. Thank you for the opportunity.


  12. its one Bellshare apps that i really love

  13. yeah i want it for my BB 9780

  14. Hola me gustaria ganar unas de esas 25 copias de BerryWeather desde ya muchas gracias y espero ganar. adios

  15. I sure would love top win a copy. I’m constantly checking out the weather forecast with other lousy weather apps!!!

  16. please pick me!

  17. In for it!

  18. I hope I win. Thanks

  19. I want one of those BerryWeather apps! Please pick me!

  20. I can definitely use this app.

  21. Is the best weather application , I want to be chose !! Please , s’il vous plait , je veux je veux 😀 pin:22162E25

  22. i’ve been looking for a good weather app, winning this would make my decision so much easier =)

  23. wow. totally luv beweather,. wud luv to win a copy for the wifey 😉

  24. I so want a copy a of it!!

  25. Love this app! I downloaded the 3 day trial and made the mistake of fully customizing it the way I wanted it…trial ended and i basically just couldn’t afford to purchase it :( back to basic berryweather but I would love this full version :-)

  26. Hope I can win, thank you for doing this contest!!

  27. I’d love to find a useful weather app. They all seem to be lacking /something/.

  28. Sure I’d love to win!

  29. I love this app, i hope win a copy.

  30. I want one :)

  31. This is a outstanding app I use daily. Would like to win a copy for my wife. Thanks bellshare and berryreview for the chance and good luck everyone!

  32. I want one :)

  33. Love a free copy of BerryWeather. New version of WeatherEye is horrible!

  34. Heck to the yeah

  35. Hey! Love love love BerryBuzz so am desperate to try BerryWeather! Thanks! (O:

  36. Oh yeah, wife needs this!

  37. I have the free version installed but would love the full version. Good weather app…just a little expensive for me which is the only reason I haven’t bought it already. Thanks in advance.

  38. Lovely!! I would love to get a copy of it on my Bold 9780 :)

  39. Thanks for the contest, looks good!

  40. Count me in!

  41. Very great app….i hope to win 1

  42. oh! yes!
    so kindly of you!

    i really need this app, really need it

    a very powerful app

  43. Wonderful beweather!

  44. i want one please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Love berryreview and bellshare!

  46. Best weather program for the BlackBerry. And I’d love to win please!

  47. Perfect giveaway!

  48. I would really love one as I’ve not won a competition here yet. :(

  49. I want one copy!!!

  50. me me me

  51. I’d love to win a copy to keep track of this crazy heat we’re having in Florida. Good luck everyone.

    Thank you.

    RIP Florida Fire Fighters.

  52. Im looking for a Weather App for my BB9780!!
    Berry weather is look like a great app!

  53. nice

  54. Awesome app. Thank you for the great giveaway. I hope I win.

  55. Would love to have a weather icon on my blackberry homescreen. So can I have my free copy please ???

  56. Love BerryWeather. I use the free version and it works with my Pattern Lock.

  57. Meeee XD

  58. Love this! Awesome! :)

  59. I’m needin to try BerryWeather, pick BCMike!

  60. Great opportunity. I’m in! Thanks.

  61. This is what I want. Would be great if I know weather info via mobile

  62. Would like to win this one.

  63. love Bellshare apps…. would like to have a free copy.. thanks

  64. Sweet!

  65. Oh, I so want a copy of this. This tops just about every contest. Thanks, BerryReview for another great contest.

  66. Definetly an app I would love to win. Appreciate the opportuntiy. Thanks berryweather and BerryReview.

  67. Not entering, just here to do what I do best and voice an opinion… I LOVE this app, plus EVERY theme w/a weather slot loves it too!!!! :)

  68. Awesoooome if i win one

  69. have tried a few weather apps, but would like to see what this one is all about. A lot of themes seem to pick it as their weather app choice.

  70. Wow. Awesome app.

  71. I want in please!

  72. wow! im in on this! Thank you BerryReview for this awesome contest

  73. Oh I would enjoy this app. Hope I win.

  74. the best weather app ever. i really like it.

  75. sweet

  76. I won a copy! Hope so.

  77. What a beautiful interface. This app goes a long way to dispelling the feeling that we can’t create iphan-like apps on the far superior BB platform. I would really like to win a copy of this app. :)

  78. This is awesome. Thanks guys!

  79. this app is great. i’ve been used it since i had a blackberry. it’s ever accurate than my local weather software. want a free copy for my girlfriend and hope i can win.

  80. Great to have

  81. nice!

  82. Would like a copy, please!

  83. hope i win a copy never used berry weather before :)

  84. awesome 😀 i have waited soooooo long for this giveaway, count me right innnnnnn pls.

  85. very nice app, i sure would love a free copy.

  86. fav app would certainly appreciate a free copy

  87. count me in

  88. i want this app

  89. love this app

  90. i sure could use some free stuff

  91. Give me a chance to win this great application, please

  92. I need it:)

  93. This is one of the best application I needed for the curiousity in me to see the weather conditions every minute. Will love to have the same in my Blackberry. Thank You !

  94. I need this application..
    Please..give me one copies
    Thanks BR team for the great contest

  95. the best weather application, please give me a copy of this

  96. I’m using the free version. I would like a free copy of the premium. For sure !

  97. i love this application, pls let me win

  98. Count Me In

  99. (~_^) Love this app!!! Pick meh!!!! Please and thanks!!٩(-̃_̮̮̃-̃)۶

  100. This is a very nice weather app!

  101. Wonderful beweather!

  102. wohooo weather application, it completes my bellshare applications. I’m in.

  103. i like this app!!

  104. I love berryreview and beweather!

  105. Perfect giveaway!

  106. Wonderful!
    Count me in!

  107. I want one copy!

  108. I’d love to win this.

  109. I’m waiting for this perfect giveaway!

  110. I have been trying to win this great app for a LONG time now.. Just can’t see myself go and spend that much on it, although I would LOVE to have it. PLEASE [:

  111. Love BerryWeather free, would be pretty cool to get the paid version FOR FREE!

  112. Very cool, I’d like

  113. Looks like a great app, chances of winning aren’t the best though :/ Goodluck to everyone 😀

  114. My favorite weather app on my phone.. Just wish I had the paid version 😀

  115. Please take my name to the list of winners
    Thanks luis for the great contest

  116. I would like one too!!!

  117. I would a free copy too!!

  118. I now use 4 different weather apps to monitor weather. Would love to have this app as it encompasses everything in 1 package.

  119. Would luv a free copy of this awesome app! :)

  120. im always getting caught in the rain. shielding my bb from the unforeseen elements. winning this app would not only be a joy for me, but a lifesaver for my bb.

  121. A great app i’d like to win.

  122. participating

  123. I’ve always wanted this weather app. I hope I win.

  124. I’m already using free version of this app, would be nice to have full version :)

  125. I’ve been looking for a new weather app I don’t like weather channel app to much

  126. please count me in

  127. Hook it up! My friend has this app and he loves it!

  128. I would like to have a copy!

  129. BellShare = best blackberry apps

  130. will be nice if I can win one. Thanks.

  131. I’d love to win this! I’ve been using the free version for quite some time now, and I love it! :)

  132. Best weather app for BB. Period

  133. Currently use the free version and would love to have a copy of the full version for my BB.

  134. It would be real nice to have a real weather app!!

  135. wow… awesome giveaways lately.. i m loving it… TODA RABA

  136. I need one too :)

  137. i dont know weather 2 get blown away or stay indoors hence y yall should send me this app lol

  138. Can you immagine what it would be like to know the weather in a place before you visit it? Berry weather does….

  139. Wahoo…. would be great to finially have a weather app on my Torch 9800…..
    Thanks for the great contest and opportunity to make my Blackberry complete with a fine weather app.

  140. Would love to win this app!

  141. I want one free copy

  142. Sign me up…

  143. I would love to have a free copy of this app =]

  144. pick me! 😀

  145. Really nice app. I love it. I hope to win a copy

  146. really nice, hope its better and not as buggy as the the other weather apps :)

  147. Need this!

  148. Beweather is wonderful!

  149. Wonderful giveaway!

  150. So perfect for get one copy of beweather!
    Thanks to berryreview!

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