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Verizon Confirms the Death of Unlimited Data Plans in July

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When we mentioned the rumored upcoming data plans from Verizon yesterday I was hoping it was wrong. Verizon has come out and confirmed once again that unlimited tiered data plans are out. While they didn’t come out and say the exact pricing they confirmed to AllThingsD that unlimited plans are being killed off starting next month. They promise to share more later but if the plans are anywhere near what was rumored then new Verizon customers are in for a miserly data budget or fatter bills. If you are on Verizon or plan to be and use a nice chunk of data you may want to consider getting one of the current unlimited plans ASAP.

I am really starting to hate these new data caps. First unlimited data became 5GB and now it is going down to 2GB for that same price. It makes you wonder if data is going to cost more or less as time goes on… As a reminder here are the rumored data plans compared to AT&T’s offerings

Verizon Rumored Plans AT&T Current Plans
2GB – $30/month
4GB – $50/month including tethering
5GB – $50/month
7GB – $70/month with tethering
10GB – $80/month
12GB – $100/month with tethering
200MB – $15/month
2GB – $25/month
4GB – $45/month including tethering
NOTE: from here on down its $10 per 1GB unless you are on the 200MB plan where it is $15 for another 200MB

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  1. Considering the way Blackberry phones compress data this could be a good thing for RIM. On the other hand, it didn’t help them when AT&T abandoned unlimited plans.

    Sprint and T-Mobile are looking better every day it seems.

  2. Every1 going up with their data plans since tablets launch i hope at&t doesn’t consider increasing *sighs*

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