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Sprint: AT&T Doesn’t Need T-Mobile If They Used Spectrum Correctly

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The ongoing debate about AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile USA is a fun fight to watch. The latest salvo from Sprint, the carrier with the most to lose from this deal, tries to nip AT&T’s reasoning for the acquisition in the bud. Reuters is reporting that Sprint plans on presenting the FCC with a “Technical analysis detailing the actions AT&T could take to improve its network without acquiring T-Mobile USA.”

While I have heard from many industry experts that AT&T does a shoddy job of optimizing their network they have always claimed it is a lack of spectrum. Sprint’s solution calls for AT&T to increase its network capacity by 600% by using its current spectrum efficiently. Specifically Sprints statement said: "AT&T could increase its capacity by developing its warehoused spectrum, accelerating its 4G network buildout, and implementing a more efficient network architecture."

Its kind of funny to hear Sprint telling AT&T how to run their network especially since Sprint has outsourced their own network management. I can’t wait to see what comes out next from these companies…

via Reuters via BGR – Img credit: There I Fixed It

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  1. Lmmfao at the pic!!!!! What’s kinda funny/sad is that is almost identical to my dad’s Sprint Bleep Bleep motorola POS…. Lol duct tape and all! -is so embarrassed of my dad- lol luckily mom has good taste! -rolls w/the 9780 as well- lol!

    And [email protected] Haters!!!!!!!! Lol… I’m still NOT in favor of ATT/T-mobile Move, lol buuuuuuuut Sprint is def feeling the fear and has no room to talk… Lol

  2. Reminds me of those who fail a class so many times they think they are qualified to teach it….
    Yeah, makes about as much sense as the whole title…lol

  3. I wonder why sprint don’t just give it a rest *sighs*

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