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RIM Starts “Headcount Reduction” With 200 Laid Off in Waterloo

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The latest rumor circulated by the Waterloo Region Record (Via Reuters) is that the “headcount reduction” RIM mentioned on their earnings call has started. According to CBC News these layoffs are mostly in manufacturing which is odd since that is where you would think RIM would be focusing on a trifecta of R&D, manufacturing, and development to “accelerate product introduction.” On the other hand they may be simply getting rid of dead weight if you consider that RIM has over 17,000 employees with 9,000 in Waterloo.

I was really gunning for RIM firing the third of the RIM legal team that holds up all of their projects but here is to hoping for next time. My condolences to those who were laid off. I hope you find promising opportunities elsewhere. You can discuss what you think of these layoffs in the forums.

Thanks Brian & Ashley for sending this one in. Image Credit via NYT

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  1. I was reading that there are about 2000 jobs available from other tech companies in Waterloo.

    So the people who get laid off will likely be able to transition easily to other regional companies.

    Its a fine line though as these companies have risen due to RIM’s success and them being based in Waterloo

    If RIM goes down, these companies go down to.

  2. They need to layoff their entire legal staff before anyone else.

    • I agree layoff the legal staff, trim the unneeded IT staff and I think all those in CEO/CFO high end positions should agree to a temp salary freeze until somthing has been produced and marketed…. After all one of their salaries = 8 low end layoffs… Plus it’s the ppl up top that RIM to the top once upon a time, and now it is those seem ppl who ran it to the ground.. They should feel the blow as well… 🙂 besides, it’s not like it will kill them lol

  3. After announcing layoffs it is better to do them quickly then to drag them out.

  4. They are likely going to outsource manufacturing, which makes perfect sense.

  5. RIM would be wise not to layoff too many as the technology drain could be damaging. Manufacturing seems like the best place to start since RIM now uses manufacturers in Thailand and elsewhere. Nevertheless, they would lose the ability to develop test devices at their will. They ought to maintain that capability.

    The legal staff is necessary to fight off all those lawsuits against RIM.

  6. Lets see how well this works for RIM….

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