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Rumor: Verizon Data Tiers Coming With Prices Worse than AT&T


So you thought you had it bad with AT&T and their tiered data plans at 2GB for $25? According to a new rumor by Droid-Life users on Verizon are about to get it worse. According to that rumor Verizon will be changing its data tier to 2GB for $30 which is obviously $5 more than AT&T’s already stingy data plan tiers. If you want to get the same 5GB you get today you will have to pony up $50 a month or $80 for 10GB.

Verizon Rumored Plans AT&T Current Plans
2GB – $30/month
4GB – $50/month including tethering
5GB – $50/month
7GB – $70/month with tethering
10GB – $80/month
12GB – $100/month with tethering
200MB – $15/month
2GB – $25/month
4GB – $45/month including tethering
NOTE: from here on down its $10 per 1GB unless you are on the 200MB plan where it is $15 for another 200MB

If you want tethering added to your data plan you can get an additional 2GB added to your plan for $20/month. That translates into 4GB for $50/month, 7GB for $70/month, and 12GB for $100/month. In other words Verizon is also charging an extra $5 more than AT&T for 4GB of data with tethering. On the other hand Verizon is charging $5 more for 5GB instead of 4GB for tethering. Tablet plans are priced at 2GB for $30 instead of the 1GB for $20 current plan. There is no difference between 3G and 4G devices in these tiers according to the rumor.

There is even a new email that is going to Verizon employees hinting that these structured data plans are coming without the details. Luckily current users will be grandfathered into their current plans but any hope of tiers getting cheaper anytime soon seems to be going out the window. Maybe that is good for the data sipping BlackBerrys and RIM. These new tiers are rumored to come once the unlimited data promotion on Verizon ends with these plans taking effect for new customers on July 7th.

This is all currently in rumor stage but this does sound like typical Verizon…

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  1. Well I said on here a few days ago that old Mike L was wrong that carriers could charge big gobs for data and so people wouldn’t put of with data supping blackberries …. maybe I was wrong.

  2. Hope at&t remains stable…….

  3. Wow that’s expensive!! I have a super old plan with Rogers and it costs me only $30.00 for 6 GB of data that I can tether with.

  4. This is why I signed a contract with a LTE device on VZ a month ago…

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