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RIM Pushes Devices Through Carrier Acceptance – What’s New?


The latest rumor on the net started by the BGR is that RIM is pushing carriers to pass their upcoming devices through carrier acceptance. According to the BGR source RIM is telling carriers that they must approve these devices even though they normally would not pass the carriers Technical Acceptance process. This source says that RIM is telling carriers that the devices must be approved “no matter what – with bugs and problems.”

The irony is that the source then goes on to say how this is exactly how RIM first got the BlackBerry Bold 9000 with OS 5.0 and 3G through technical acceptance. So the question is what exactly is new? RIM has strong armed carriers all the time to get their devices accepted. They practically always offer a last minute update or an update right after launch that addresses many of the bugs. Then carriers proceed to put those updates through carrier acceptance so we can actually get the updates. Shouldn’t we be cheering RIM on?

This is exactly what RIM’s co-CEO’s said on their last earnings call. The thing holding up their devices is this main hurdle of technical acceptance on the radio stack for BlackBerry 7.0 on Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. Once that is approved it will only have to been slightly tweaked for different devices.

The true question users should be asking is why RIM shouldn’t be pushing carriers to approve the devices? Isn’t that exactly what users have been asking for? Don’t get me wrong. Users don’t like buggy devices but as a previous owner of a Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9000 months before it passed AT&T technical acceptance I can easily say the 9000 was worth it. So if RIM has been doing this for years what exactly is the big deal? That they might get away with it? It seems like everybody is complaining about RIM not getting devices out the door and then turning around and not liking how they are working to get them out the door faster…

I am not advocating for buggy new BlackBerrys but it has become pretty common that bugs are a fact of life in a fast moving development process. Why should RIM be different? Just take the Android bug that sent your SMS to the wrong contact… Or the iOS alarm clock bug… Sounds a bit one sided.

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  1. RIM leaked this to deflect some of the blame to the carriers.

    Don’t blame them as in the end it is true. WTF are the carriers doing? People don’t care they just want devices.

    Devices pass carrier acceptance all the time with huge bugs and glitches!!

  2. Sounds very one-sided… And soooooo is exaggerated truth… All companies w/big names push carriers… RIM if anything the carriers have more of the ‘strong armed’ mentality these days… RIM can barely get their phones to the shelves, I highly doubt they are ‘bullying’ network providers… Lol more like kissing their asses…

    • Bullying now.. BGR is using the wrong adjectives.

      It should read “RIM Pushes Devices Through Carrier Acceptance via Bribes/Promises for future”

      Price discounts on back end sales (ie shipments after 6 months post launch) commitments on additional discounts on future devices next year etc etc are ways RIM can make it too hard for carriers to refuse.

      There are other back room agreements as well

      Remember its all about the almighty $$$

      Obviously companies don’t want to do this as it reduces their profits, but, RIM needs to eat profits on these devices in exchange for simply staying semi-relevant in the market.

      In cases like this RIM will offer up the best deal to the first carrier to pass acceptance and then tier the deals downwards to every subsequent carrier.

      At least in Canada there is a huge arms race here with all the new companies. Competition like neverbefore.

      Rogers and RIM are always very linked and I know in Canada if anyone is to give in first, it will be Rogers, they don’t like to be 2nd.

      • lol RIM leaked nothing BGR concocted another fantastical source so that they may freely spout the ir propaganda… And YES I used ‘bullying’ and put it in quotes… Hence displaying my summary… Did u READ BGR’s original post? It was totally being presented in that manner… Lol. I’m sorry but I find sources and quotes allll day plus I work for a top phone company… There is some teeny tiny truth to this, but not at all like they were trying to project… Bb isn’t even top in our markets any more carriers don’t care lol a tiny tiny bit… But really not enough. Lol nice bed time BGR…

        • maybe… or maybe they are giving incentives to fast track… I don’t really know why RIM wouldn’t be trying everything to get the devices out

          • The best way for BB to get a product out is to make it. I think users like u and me, the few die-hard bb fanatics left, will generate enough ‘stink’ for carriers to wan to provide a RIM device all they need is to be like ‘tadda it’s finished’ and then push out a few bad ass commercials and BB will be picked up… Bug free or infested.. IF u release it, it will sell… So come on RIM!!!!! Pweeze 🙁 lol

            • Plus I think the days of Android and iPhone are over.. Or very soon to be… Esp w/their ‘loose’ security… Have u seen that Lulzsec and Anonymouse have ‘wage war’? 1st comcast, then sony, iphone and droid will be next… Lol and then ppl will be begging for RIM’s servers since they will be the only ones left standing…. Lol my 2012 apocalypse prediction… 😉 lol

  3. That article at BGR is just BS!

  4. Considering the vast amount of known vulnerabilities in various Android OS builds and the fact that new devices release with these builds installed, it’s hard for me to put any sort of faith in this “Technical Acceptance” process.

  5. This is dump on RIM day, adn BGR wants to lead the way. Nothing will change until RIM beats profit expectations.

  6. I’ve always noticed BGR to be closet Berry haters

    • I doubt BGR is hating on RIM. It is because of RIM having a great devices back then y BGR even started cuz they wanna to share the information with others everyone just want RIM to come back on top

  7. RIM does rush things and not fully review there devices. It because of the constant rush by carriers and end users why RIM is where it is now “in the water hoping for someone to throw them a life jacket”.

    I want the bold 9900 and other devices to be releases but if it takes more time to get the devices in “tip top shape” were there wont be any bugs or lagging in the OS i will WAIT!

    I just want something solid from RIM to keep everyone happy to give them time to work on the “super-phones” for 2012

    Only thing i see is ppl complaining and not looking at the long term aspect.

  8. I rather they release the device but this time RIM releases the updates via a update server that by passes the Carriers. I always hated that certain carriers have latest update and others don’t on the same bloody device. There should be a standard for updating.

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