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Verizon CMO Confirms 3 BlackBerry Devices Coming This Year in Interview


Verizon has come a long way since they use to block Bluetooth profiles on devices and crippled smartphones back in the day. The BGR interviewed Verizon Wireless CMO Marni Walden about their smartphone push and she had quite a few interesting things to say. They revolved around 4G, Android, iPhone, and Windows 7 but finally got around to talking BlackBerry for a bit. Marni dropped a little tidbit essentially confirming that Verizon is planning on launching 3 BlackBerry devices this year.

That makes me wonder what those three devices will be. Will one of them be a 4G PlayBook? We can assume the BlackBerry Bold 9930 but what will be the other two… Check out the full interview at the BGR and let us know what you think.

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  1. Geez.

    There are 5 choices…

    1. Playbook
    2. 9900
    3. New curve
    5. Torch 2
    6. Monaco

    They 100% will have a Bold and Curve…. so that means we have 2 devices on this list that won’t make it.

    If we assume the 3 doesn’t include PB then either Torch 2 or Monaco doesn’t make it.

    Given the Torch 2 will likely stay with ATT again….

    Its either Monaco or Playbook as 3rd device.

  2. My guess is the 9930, 9850, and a new curve…

    • Nah, I believe it’s the torch 2, the bold touch and PB …. The curve touch has gone completely quiet and also has been removed from the T-mobile roster, and the manaco is gonna be the 1st QNX…

      Just an Ashley thought…..

      • And btw, I’ve always suspected the curve touch and storm 3 to be one in the same…. I think RIM was trying to market it 2ways to see if they could get a better sale going… We all know the heat storm has taken… And the curve has been pretty strong in name… I just think when u review all the leaked specs from both they appear to be one in the same to be, except curve having few ‘perks’ so that they could market it as a low budget phone as the curve series have tended to be sold… But in any event… I feel these will emerge as QNX

        • I agree with you 100% that Rim needs to have a “low budget” model that will allow rim to compete in the $0-$100 (on contract) niche. However, I don’t think the curve is getting dropped anytime soon. Its one of RIM’s most popular models ever. The Monaco-Curve comparison is more than a few perks IMHO. The Monaco sports the highest res display in this rollout of devices, 1.2GHz cpu, 768MB ram, & 4GB memory VS. The curve’s 800MHz cpu, 512MB ram/onboard memory. It’s going to be what’s under the hood that counts now more than in prior BB generations

          • Yes that’s what I was saying… I think the curve is downgraded version of the monaco, I’ve believed that from the start… That’s what I meant by lowend w/fewer ‘perks’. 🙂 I however believe 100% the curve/storm touches both have been scrapped and will emerge as the QNX devices once they are released… Take a peak at all the major phone companies around the globe… The curve hasn’t been mentioned or speculated since, and no simulator for that device either.. Also no leake OS for the curve or storm… The 9780 and Torch 2 ARE coming… Along w/PB varients… The curve and storm I believe will be seen when QNX gets on the way… I think the 9650 will replace the curve temporarily as the ‘new’ low end device until then…

  3. Rim isn’t known for pulling any punches. Ill put my lunch $ on vzw dropping upgrades on the 3 current berries – the Bold, Monaco (Storm line) and Curve. Expect them to stick to the schedule that we’ve all been drooling over for way too long.


    Hurry up…I’ve been waiting to use my upgrade since February >:O

  4. I think it will be the following:
    bold touch

  5. bold touch

  6. I think it the following:

    1.Blackberry Bold 9930
    2.Blackberry Torch 9850
    3.4G Playbook LTE

  7. I’m bout to invest in a iPhone I need some face time lmao

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