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US Government Spent $117 Million on BlackBerrys Since 2001

Government Gadgets

I was reading an interesting recap Gizmodo did of US government gadget purchases from June 2001 until today and one number stuck out at me. They collected their information from the federal procurement database and found that of all the government gadgets RIM easily took the cake at a $117 million cost including the expenses of using the BlackBerry (BES service, servers, etc).

While other devices/gadgets may not have been around as long as the BlackBerry the next in line is the Apple iPod at $10.8 million. This should give you a basic idea of why RIM caters to the high security and mission critical market.

Let us know what you think of the other data!

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  1. Gizmodo is officially Apple insane. I mean look at those figures are they trying to do anything to make iPhone sales look bigger than they are????? Why not just write 2.5 million or 2.6 million. Jesus it’s insane, do they even realize what they are doing???????

  2. xbox 360 ? WII ? WTF !!!

  3. why the gov use xbox & wii ?

  4. Lmao Uncle Sam never surprises me.. At least I know what my tax dollars REALLY fund! Lmao!

    • Ashley I’m getting used to you and you are finding some good material, but I have to say your ass, must have fallen off by now…

      • That’s y I love BlackBerry! Lol very little sitting involved… Lmao. Every find I discover, post I make and comment I reply to has been done thru my bb… 🙂 I live off my phone.. Tis truly my heart… Lol. -never puts my phone down- 🙂 I’m an info machine, my friends are convinced I’m part bot lol

  5. they use xbox and wii for the training the marines! hahahha just kidding

  6. Wow….

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