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Three UK Pegs BlackBerry Bold 9900 Launch in August

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Three UK

There have been swirling rumors about when the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 will launch since it was announced in May. Some go as late as September but no carrier has really come out and said when. BBEmpire noticed that one carrier, Three UK, has gone out on a limb and pegged the BlackBerry Bold 9900 launch date on their website for August. That raises more questions since devices usually launch in the US and Canada at least a month or so before going international.

Check out the Three UK “Coming Soon” website if you want to check out the 9900 listing for yourself. Thanks Tashanna for sending this one in!

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  1. The plot thickens!!

    If its out in UK in August.. its out in North America in July

  2. Spint is STILL holding the aug 21st release date as far as the bold 9900 goes… T-mobile took down there June projections, now we just announce it as ‘aug-sept’ but def feel like Aug it will be 🙂

  3. I wounder when this device comes to my country ☺

  4. RIM needs to stop announcing devices so far in advance. By the time they are finally released the hype has already died.

    • @Dave Riehl

      I agree with you on not announcing the release date so far in advance, but I don’t believe RIM had a choice in this case. Too many rumors were circulating about this device and then pictures were released…all RIM did was confirm that the device did exist.

      As usual, RIM had delays in getting the phone to the market. I was SUPER excited about this Bold 9900 for AT&T (Still not confirmed), but because of all the delays my eyes are now looking at the iPhone 4s/5.

  5. Yes they should cut down on the early leaks, but there is no way to stop leaks once the devices go out for carrier testing. Not sure how Apple does it. Do they have contract with arries that they will sue them for leaks?

    But this is all just a symptom of RIM being sooooooo slooooooow in getting the phones out. I mean wtf, why is it so hard to go from 6 to 6.1 which is really what 7 is.

  6. Hmm a lot of posts about the 9900 today. Makes me think RIM will announce a release date during the earnings call today. I mean they want to say something good.

  7. RIM still far away.. we want to see QNX they knew it from the beginning why they dont listen to us?

  8. i like the idea of RIM targeting other international markets with 9900

  9. i go the website …. it said on sept. XD

  10. I find it interesting I can only find articles with release projections for the 9900 in the UK but none for North America…I understand RIM is trying to aggressively expand into the global marketplace but I would venture a guess that North Americas would still be it’s biggest market. Get solid reviews from North American users and use it as a marketing engine of sorts

  11. three UK have since changed their coming soon page for the 9900 from August to “Coming Soon”… wonder if they even know when it is released?

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