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T-Mobile Highlights “4G” BlackBerry Bold 9900 in Latest 4G Rollout

T-Mobile 9900 T-Mobile 4G

While there still is quite a bit of confusion on what exactly 4G means that has not stopped T-Mobile and AT&T from calling their HSPA+ networks 4G. Ashley pointed out to me that in T-Mobile’s latest announcement of new markets getting 4G speeds they added a specific mention for the “upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9900.” While the T-Mobiles HSPA+ on the 9900 will be set to the max of 14.4Mbps it is nowhere near the 42Mbps they claim their USB rocket stick can hit. Though no smartphones can currently hit that speed their Rocket 3.0 laptop stick has seen average download speeds as high as 10Mbps with peaks of 27Mbps.

This all makes me wonder if LTE 4G is really the next best thing. I have had a chance to use Verizon’s LTE laptop cards and mobile hotspots and they suck. They constantly disconnect and they have a horrible time switching over between 4G and 3G. Their phones are not faring too much better but at least they hand off gracefully but at the cost of battery life. While the speeds are amazing I am still unsure why I need download speeds faster than my home broadband connection…

What do you think about these 4G networks?

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  1. Ronen thats what I opined a while ago!

    My cable internet at home is capped at 10 Mbps..

    Why the god damn hell do I need 120 Mpbs LTE supposedly offers or even the 42 Mpbs HSPA+ offers….

    Even the 14 Mbps HSP+ cap is faster than my home cable internet.

    I have never once thought to myself it would be nice to have faster internet!

  2. Ronen, BB Addict, you guys nailed this to the wall and stuck a knife in the middle!!! This whole notion of 42mbps is ridiculas! As bb addict pointed broadband internet for home use ie: time warner is capped @ 12mbps. That is more than enough to stream 1080 HD video. Why does my mobile device need any more? What files are you mobile downloading for work or pleasure that you need 42 mbps for? This is the bigger/better newer need it generation or advertising that we fall into time and time again. Verizons LTE network is the pits. A friend of mine broke his entire familys/small business contract to get out of there (1500 bucks) and moved to t-mobile’s 4g phone/broadand connect card and he hasn’t complained once. T-mobile is maligned a lot phone wise but two things you can say is that there customer service is #1 and their network is reliable

  3. I have heard the major plus between HSPA and LTE is more about the capacity of LTE over HSPA

    ie LTE is an 8 lane highway and HSPA is a 4 lane highway.

    So yah its faster, but also, it won’t get clogged as fast.

    • True but that is mostly because Verizon LTE is on a totally different frequency than its 3G. Once the LTE frequency is saturated…

      • 100% Ronen. I don’t think anyone REALLY knows how this LTE/HSPA+ thing will go, but, LTE is coming because no company doesn’t want to have it.

        I think we will likely have a tiered 4g coverage, ie, HSPA+ in most areas and LTE in the core areas.

        Kind of like the 2g and 3g system now. Although 3g is almost everywhere now in north america

  4. Most Consumers won’t pay for the “4g” speeds until the phones can catch up to it … ^ Correction – Pay for it willingly.

  5. I still with my 2G BB Flip and I don’t have a pressing need to go that fast but its good to improve technology. The problem is improving the data pricing plans to reflect the upgrading trend.

  6. 4g nice

  7. Lets jus wait and see what happens between the two to have a solid conclusion.

  8. wooo…. i want blackberry bold 9900 ^^

  9. Technically the Verizon LTE network isn’t officially “4G” either as the speed standards for it have been completely diluted. Instead of measuring UP to the standards of 4G, these technologies (Verizon LTE and T-Mobile/AT&T HSPA+) got approval to market as 4G since they provide a substantial improvement to current 3G speeds. Verizon’s actual 4G network won’t be debuted until 2012, and it will be called LTE Advanced. They decided to build the network in two stages. AT&T and T-Mobile skipped the first phase and are instead building the LTE Advanced network currently, also set for a 2012-2013 debut. Real 4G has additional requirements that are yet to be met, such as having a static connection with a mobile broadband server, rather than it continually changing as a person moves across different towers. Also, and the end of this year, AT&T will obtain the rights to several lower frequencies currently owned by Qualcomm. They will use these lower frequences to finally rectify their terrible reception problem, which isn’t just a problem of overcrowding, but the fact that their current high frequency waves don’t penetrate buildings well, hence places like san fran and new york suffer. Now, just because you buy a 4G phone now doesn’t mean you’re phone will automatically adopt the pending evolutions coming next year. For example, the new Blackberry 9900 4G(HSPA+) will not work on AT&T’s future LTE speed. Also, 4G is still only offered in very few markets. The reason that AT&T is working hard to improve their current 3G network is two fold: they can refurbish the tower for both technologies at the same time, and they are essentially just expanding the reach of their “backhaul” fiberoptic network, meaning fewer connections between u and lightning speeds. Ultimately though, It seems as stated below, true LTE will most likely only be built out in dense urban areas.

  10. So if my edge has a data cap @ 5gb and 3G is capped @ 2gb what is 42mbps 4G capped at 4000 kb or let me guess you get throttled after 4 youtube videos

  11. I try to ask about the latest one of blackberry “bold” to give it as a gift for my son. Thanks a lot

  12. like to purchase blackberry bold 4

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