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RIM to Announce “PlayBook Results” Tomorrow With Financials

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Tomorrow RIM is going to be announcing their financials for the first quarter of fiscal 2012. There is much speculation on exactly how many BlackBerry PlayBooks RIM has moved since the launch in April. While RIM has not come out and specifically said they will announce the sales numbers for the PlayBook tomorrow but they have committed to “provide a business update on BlackBerry PlayBook results on June 16th.”

So I thought we could have a little fun with it before RIM makes it official. How many BlackBerry PlayBooks do you think RIM has sold? A Bazillion? Eleventeen? a hundred thousand? Brownie points if you give a good rationalization/reason for your vote! As I said before I hope Balsillie can announce somewhere near 400/500 thousand devices moved.

If you want to listen in to the conference call you can on the 16th starting at 5pm ET. Details…

Research In Motion Limited will be reporting results for the first quarter of fiscal 2012 on June 16, 2011 after the close of the market. A conference call and live webcast will be held beginning at 5 pm ET, which can be accessed by dialing 1-800-814-4859 or by logging on at A replay of the conference call will also be available at approximately 7 pm by dialing (+1)416-640-1917 and entering passcode 4445546#. This replay will be available until midnight ET June 30, 2011.

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  1. RIM won’t say how many PBs they sold, they’ll only say how many they shipped to fill the channel, which of course is pretty meaningless.

  2. 400 000

    40% of Ipad sales roughly…

  3. its gonna be fun tomorrow.. most interesting sales call ever for RIM imo

  4. Ken C is right since RIM doesn’t “retail” sell the playbooks they cannot announce sales. However shipments are not meaningless because RIM does not give the PB to retailers and say pay me when you sell them.

    All in all I’m looking for another share price drop tomorrow. RIM has not turned the corner yet so this will bring more bad news. To shake off the bad reputation they need some home-run news. I don’t think the PB is there yet. I do think it’s a solid base hit but that isn’t good enough to satisfy a market intent on killing them. By this I mean reporters, the market itself has no feeling of good or bad it just does what it does.

    Of course I hope I’m 100% wrong. I hope Jim B will not only announce good sales I hope he’ll say we’ve got the NYT and Amazon apps confirmed to be coming out, etc. etc.

    My view is RIM can get through 2011 and need to have 2012 be the year everything comes together. I think they should be saying for 2011 phones by back to school, and a fully functioning PB at competitive price for Christmas. Both seem doable.

    • Yes I’ve heard this back to school nonsense too… And I hope it changes… Tho despite speculation what I find interesting is sprint still has the 9850 and 9930 both still being speculated as an aug 21st release… I’m hoping they know something the rest of us do not… Here at T-mobile we have removed the speculated release date and have gone to the vague statement of issuing the ‘back-to-school’ time line as well… Altho…. BB’s OS is soon to be updated 😉 so stay tuned for that… 😉

      • And also some movements on our network systems.. 😉 so def bigger and better things are on the move… 😉 just no1 seems to know when…

  5. I’m going w/as of today between 400,000-700,000. It has been said that rIM out sold the xoom the 1st 2weeks of it’s release vs xooms headstart making it 250,00+ by mid may, after midmay playbook features like video chat and bridge woes were updated fix also sending a ‘2nd wave’ of buyers. And as of a few days ago PB began selling in other countries/nations, foriegn countries have a higher # of followers for BB and tho I haven’t seen those sales projected for this yet I’m thinking between them all that’s should be another easy 250,000
    And I used this current article to pick my figures:

  6. Although I wish the number were in the 400-500K range or higher I think it will more likely be in the 350-400K range. A little lower than most would like but still somewhat respectable. I’m still not convinced that RIM will actually give solid sales numbers. I get the feeling that they will use generic terms like better than expected or less than expected. I hope I’m wrong since those don’t sound good either way. Better than expected – people will claim that of course they would say that. Worse than expected – people will assume it absolutely tanked. Actual figures don’t lie (although they can be twisted).

  7. nice, it happened already 500.000 playbooks

  8. okay…

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