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BlackBerry OS 7 To Support SD Card Backup & Restore!

BlackBerry OS 7 Simulator3

Hot diggity! A long time ago I posted a Dreamberry/rant about how RIM should add on device backup and restore options to the BlackBerry OS without using desktop manager and it looks like they have listened. The N4BB team (thanks to @rr_yy) scoured the BlackBerry Torch 9850 simulator that leaked yesterday and found an interesting new feature called Device Switch. This feature lets you backup all of your data and restore it to the same or new device. The only thing it seems to be missing is the ability to backup apps.

BlackBerry OS 7 Simulator BlackBerry OS 7 Simulator2 

BlackBerry OS 7 Simulator4 BlackBerry OS 7 Simulator5

I have to say I am really excited about this and it would easily be one of my favorite features in OS 7. Check out the pictures or video and let us know what you think!

BlackBerry OS 7 Simulator6 BlackBerry OS 7 Simulator7

Video below!


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  1. wowowow awesome stuff

  2. Love my @rr_yy!!!!! Lol wonderful music choice for vid too! Lmmfao!!! Super awesome concept! Way to go RIM.

  3. Such an awesome new feature! Hopefully they add it to OS6 to make it easier to transition to the new OS7 devices.

  4. Hot diggity, indeed.

  5. neat. For a moment I was really excited as I misread this as meaning apps could finally be installed to sdcard…

    • OS 7 has a JIT compiler and I am hoping that we should be able to store apps on the SD card as opposed on the current OSes which requires all the apps to be pre-compiled and stored in memory usually on JVM startup.

      • JIT compilers don’t actually work that way – apps will always be getting compiled to java bytecode before they’re deployed. JIT compilation means that at run time, the byte code will be optimized and compiled/run as native code. This isn’t generally saved in any way, though – it’s an optimization that’s typically done in-memory then discarded when the app is done executing.

      • I hope you are right. I’ve always wondered why RIM didn’t design BBs to store apps on the SD card. If that were possible, my Bold 9000 wouldn’t be a huge brick every other day unless I do a soft reset.

  6. finally..

  7. Finally for real. Can’t wait.

  8. now this is going to be useful!

  9. nice! but im not upgrading my phone until i see qnx, everyone should join me… stop making rim happy, and dont buy anything now…they just taking us as foolish and re-make up the GUI of the same system over and over.. with a few new options, that if u lived so far without then, you can continue living without then,

  10. I must say this is a great new feature 🙂

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