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Some Slick Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I know everyone already owns a BlackBerry therefore, I am suggesting a few alternatives to get your Dad for Father’s Day. Since the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and other devices are not out yet and the BlackBerry PlayBook may be out of your range here are some mid-range items I recommend:

  • Braun 7 Series – The Rolls-Royce of Shavers
  • Magellan  3065 – The Inexpensive GPS with a large screen
  • V-Moda Crossfade LP – Headphones Best kept secret

Check them out below! Remember Amazon has some pretty fast shipping so you should be able to order these as late as Thursday or Friday and still get there in time!

Braun 7 Series
[rating:8.5] 8.5 /10
Where to buy:

When people think of what to buy a Dad a shaver always comes to mind. What people don’t realize is how many electric shavers are on the market and how different everyone is. The Braun 7 Series has now become my favorite. Just by the way the shaver was packaged in the box I knew I was going to enjoy the shaver. In the past I have used rotary shavers because I found that foil shavers are not comfortable. The Braun is built very well to adapt to your face. There are 3 different settings depending on how sensitive your skin is to the electric shaver.  Another found love is how quick it takes to shave. A usual shave is now cut down by 5 minutes compared to my rotary shaver. The LCD screen displays the battery life and the hygiene level, telling you when the shaver needs a cleaning. I would have liked if the levels were numeric and not a bar level as it can be confusing. Now, talk about always having a clean shaver!! The clean system is amazing. After each shave you place the shaver facing down in the dock and device tells you the level of hygiene and if you would like to activate the cleaning system with a touch of a single button. As most Electronic Shavers, the trimmer is ineffective.  I am still waiting the day that they can build a shaver with a good trimmer. So if you’re debating what to get Dad don’t hesitate and buy him the Braun 7 Series.


Magellan 3065
[rating:7.5] 7.5 /10

Where to buy:

This GPS has it all. Enough said! Ok you want details……….An Ultra-wide 4.7-inch touch screen, highway lane assist, lifetime traffic alerts, OneTouch favorites, AAA TourBook and Bluetooth. My favorite feature is the AAA TourBook. Easily finds recommended hotels and restaurants and other points of interest. The best part is you don’t even need to be a member to enjoy this bonus. Linking the Bluetooth wasn’t as easy as I would have thought, but once linked it was amazing. All my contacts appeared on the GPS device to allow easy dialing and receiving of phone calls. The Multi-destination Routing really rocks! I am always in new areas making a few stops. With this feature you can plan a trip and the device will optimize it for the most efficient route.  People always ask why do you need a GPS when you have one built in to your BlackBerry. Well if you ever use the Magellan 3065 you would not be asking that. Yes some features you will have on a phone but this All-In-One GPS is a must buy.


V-Moda Crossfade LP
[rating:9.5] 9.5 /10
Where to buy:

These cans are the real deal. Just to open the box you need to cut a red ribbon. Out comes a semi-hard case with the most comfortable headphones.  The memory foam ear cushions easily fit over the ear so it’s comfortable to wear them for hours at a time. The headphones comes with 2 audio cables, that actually look and feel like a shoe lace.  Basically making it impossible to tear the cables. I challenge you to try, it ain’t going to happen. One is a standard cable and the other has a remote/mic cable  that is functional with the latest BlackBerry phones.The construction on the headphones also impressed me. These are made out of a light weight metal built to last, unlike other headphones I have had that are all plastic and broke several times.  All that is great, but the real question is how good is the sound? Well I was not disappointed as the sound features a  patent pending 50mm Dual-Diaphragm High-Definition Drivers. Which is crystal clear on the low keys and wide ranges. I also did not have to blast the music to isolate the surrounding noise.  Unlike most devices that give off the same effect the Crossfade LPs does not have the use of batteries. What I like about V-Moda, they did not need to name the headphones after a rapper to promote their headphones. Most probably your father would not have heard of the rapper anyways. Their product speaks for themselves.  So buy a pair for your Dad and he will really enjoy them.


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  1. Not a bad idea thanks Berry Review 🙂

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  3. Its not a bad idea that giving a mobile to your father on this fathers day…Thanks for the share

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