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RIM Also Working With YOU i Labs Design Firm? (Designers of HTC Sense UI)

UI Labs

If you have ever used an HTC device including their older Windows Mobile phones you may have seen HTC’s slick Sense UI. GigaOm is reporting that RIM is working with the Ontario design firm YOU i Labs which helped work on the HTC Sense UI. The deal seems to be some sort of “significant partnership” between the companies. This is the second Canadian design firm we have positive confirmation RIM is working with after Teknision assisted in the designing the PlayBook UI. According to GigaOm Teknision and YOU i Labs work closely together.

Add this together with TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) and it seems like there is a big overhaul to the RIM user experience coming soon… Any guesses what is coming? Hopefully we will be hearing about a UI framework for the BlackBerry PlayBook Native SDK soon too.

Check out some of YOU i Labs work at

Thanks to ofutur and my wife 🙂 for sending this one in!

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  1. The QNX OS, highlander, OS 8, whatever it is, will be similar yet a departure from the OS’s we have been used to.

    I like how RIM keeps it Canadian! Just gotta get Beiber in some ads rockin a 9900 with a Canadian Flag back….. the girlies will go nuts and throw their Iphones in the water

  2. never too late to try and get the consumers what they want

    • I don’t know about never too late… Lol.. But def a positive sign…. They need to make waves and headlines.. And I agree w/BB addict (tho not w/Beiber lmao) in that RIM needs to get onboard the advertising train and def market and commercialize this new product in the flashiest ways possible… That along w/their ideas in the works could def give them a zap…. But the need to be relatively quick moving as the public IS tired of waiting…

      • “But the need to be relatively quick moving as the public IS tired of waiting…”

        In fairness, the general public doesn’t really care one way or the other 😉 Most people don’t yet have smart phones,and aren’t aware of what they’re missing.

  3. For a company who all analysts are predicting to miss their earnings per share guidence by a large amount, they sure are throwing around a lot of R&D money.

    • Bingo… the luxury they have is the money to spend despite decreased sales.

      And its not like they aren’t making a profit anymore!!

      Everyone is acting like RIM isn’t making money!

      They were still making record profits as recently as 6 months ago!!!


  4. They have no debt so that gives them a lot of access to different resources. And yes they definitely need to start advertising the hell out of their new products.

  5. After going thru and reading how the YOU i labs help with the users interface on the playbook i have no doubt in my mind that once RIM works along with YOU i labs the QNX devices and later updates for the playbook, the experience would be breathtaking

  6. will see this on QNX ?

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