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Rumored Email from RIM Employee Provides Insight Into RIM


Zaman59 pointed out an interesting article in the forums that I thought was worth sharing. The Business Insider article is supposed to be from a rank and file RIM employee giving some insight (bullet point style) on what is currently going on at RIM. There is even a great conversation going on in the comments headed by Janet talking about how the QNX core compares with Android. We have no way to confirm if this is a true RIM employee but I have heard similar statements from many employees who are afraid to go on record.

My favorite point made by the employee is so true even if this is not coming from a RIM employee:

Morale isn’t broken, but there is a lot of legal bureaucratic processes that slow us down. You’d think we have more lawyers on hand will all the patent lawsuits in mobile. Anyway, time to execute or time to market is paramount for us, and we need to keep improving it. That’s what Balsillie was talking about on the recent earnings call when he said he wants things earlier.

I highly recommend checking out the rest of the statements made by the employee about how RIM is in it for the long haul and QNX is their savior over at Business Insider. It is also interesting to see their take on the co-CEO’s not doing the company service by doing interviews separately.

Let us know what you think!

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  1. Its amazing the different impressions you get of RIM from talking to their actual engineers at a DevCon, versus what is more publicly seen on the outside. The folks in the trenches actually do seem to get it, but there are a lot of legal obstacles RIM has to wade through that slow them down. A lot of this is a product of their success in the past. They’ve got all these agreements with carriers, large corporate interests, legacy support they’re obligated to maintain, etc. All of this slows them down. (Meanwhile, Apple and Google are working from a clean and mostly unencumbered slate.)

  2. Good news story to me 🙂 I think the future is looking very bright for RIM. 12 months is a long time in tech and if QNX on mobile devices is out there this time next year I think it’ll be a game changer.

  3. All in line with what I know and what I have been saying for months.

    They are working their asses off at RIM. Whether that translates into results, we will see, but, I know the effort and commitment is there.

  4. RIM just needs to come out and be honest with everyone

  5. Well if you read the page where all of this came from janet was correct me working for red hat linux & playing with different kernals QNX is the best out there hands down not taking anything from linux but if any real tech guy/girl would know the ource code for QNX been light years ahead of the anyone 30years ago the source code they ran 30 years ago is still not caught up on some platforms every kernal has its disadvantages but the only thing QNX lacked in 2000 & 2001 was they email service if anybody used qnx 6,7,8 they would know that it ran all not one all linux apps & then some honestly from what i seen personally apple, RIM, microsoft have better engineers than google yall can say android run faster but i’ve been inside google they dont have nothing up to par with this OS QNX is one of those platforms that has been everywhere but hasnt been reconized to these phone geeks but like the so called RIM email said it is a STRAIGHT port of the Dalvik VM to the QNX operating system. Under Dalvik’s Apache 2.0 license which is true thats the key to running android apps on any new blackberry thats running QNX and i still dont understand where oracle have anything to do with this last time i checked they were on they last leg smh NOTE: once QNX hit mobile blackberries ROMS will drop & developers can create optimize it for older blackberries

  6. Engineers working from *within* a tech company have a completely different perspective from those of us on the “outside”. This is because they don’t really care what’s already shipped. What they see on a day to day basis is new stuff that they are working on. They know what future product is coming, because it is their present. If they seem optimistic about the future, it is because they already see it, and they are busy building it.

  7. I agree to the fact where on interview its better to have both CEO’s so one can back up the other……..

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