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BlackBerry Playbook SideLoading Tutorial and Resources

Although the Playbook doesn’t have OTA capabilities there is another way  users can load non App World applications. This method, perfected by Keeper (Berry Review Forums), is ideal for sharing ported  applications and, in case you are a developer, allowing Playbookers to beta test your applications. Side Loading, as it’s come to be called, requires a PC and a few programs. Here is my attempt to create a tutorial for the process. Hopefully RIM simplifies this process but until then this is what we have.

First (on your PC) download and install JRE (Java Runtime Environment)

Then download and install the  Development Mode Installer which is used to load applications on your Playbook.

Once you are all set up on the Pc end you must enable Development Mode on your Blackberry Playbook.
Open your Playbook Settings (Swipe Down From Center on Home Screen)
Under Security select Development Mode and switch it to ON.
You will be prompted to enter a password . Make sure you enter something that is easy to remember.

Go back to your Home Screen. You will now see an icon of a character on your Home Screen Tool Bar.
Make sure you are connected to your Wifi and select the icon. You will see your I.P. address shown.
Write down or remember your I.P.

Now, on your PC open the DDPB Installer. Enter your I.P. and Password you chose earlier.

Side Loading is ideal for users that can not access App World  (Only available in US/Canada). Louis.Keeper has put together a healthy list of 50+ applications that will keep you busy. These are all available on App World and are intended for those who can not access App World. They are also all free.

Save the desired applications to your computer (make a new folder where you can easily access them).
In the DDPB Installer, click Add and select the Application(s). Make sure they are checked (check-box) in the DDPB Installer and click Install.

You will see this screen confirming the Applications are installing to your Playbook.
Once completed you can see them and use them on your BB Playbook.

Side Loading can also be used by Developers to share beta versions of their App World applications or rejected apps. Simply package your applications as a .Bar and find a suitable host and there you have it! Anyone with the know how can download your .Bar apps to their Playbook!

Major thanks to Keeper of the BerryReview Forums for bringing this to everyone’s attention. Check out his original thread for more support:

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  1. Thanks, this is great to know. I just loaded Angry Birds.

  2. Thanks for that info too i didn’t kno i could until now 🙂

  3. It update here:

    New feature:
    – Auto detect ip playbook when playbook connect with pc by cable. If it not work you must click Refesh .

  4. Worked like a charm. Disappointed to see you can’t save levels in Angry Birds. But its something to keep us busy right?

  5. nice info thanks!

  6. Do the .bar files have to be signed in order to load them?
    I developed an app and wanted to test it out on my playbook but I can’t get it to load it onto the pb. I tried it with someone else’s bar file and it loaded fine. Does anyone have any insight on this?

  7. When I try to run the DDPB Installer, I get an error saying “not java! close App!” The installer then runs, and claims to install bar files, but the apps do not show up on the PlayBook. Anyone have any suggestions? (I’ve already re-installed Java and the DDPB once with no luck.)

    • I had the same problem Byron. What I did was simple. Close all instances of DDPB – ensure you installed the JRE listed above for your OS.

      Install the version 1.0 of this tool – try it, it will take a lot longer and it should work. The apps will be added to the end of your ALL tab and autolaunch if you check that option.

      Then I installed the 1.0.7, still works. I pushed over a bunch of BAR files and Android apps. Interesting to see how it works. Cheers.

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