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RIM VP Confirms QNX Phones but Cannot Confirm Timing

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RIM’s Mike Lazaridis practically confirmed that BlackBerry PlayBook’s new QNX based operating system was coming to phones awhile back. Now according to TechRadar we have Carlo Chiarello, VP of GSM/UMTS @RIM, confirming the same with some more adjectives. Lazaridis said that QNX would come to the top of the line BlackBerry phones once they have multi-core processors available and Chiarello confirms that.

According to Chiarello RIM already has working prototype models of the QNX based phones which makes me wonder what processor they are packing. Here is what he had to say about these devices:

"That [QNX] experience is going to start to come in to our high tier products. I can’t tell you when; I’m not allowed to. But it’s absolutely part and parcel of what we’re working on now.

"I can tell you that it’s going to come in to the higher tier value propositions first. It’ll probably come into an all-touch first, more than likely… but I can’t tell you timings specifically. But it looks marvelous!".

Thanks to Ashley for pointing this out in the forums. I am assuming that QNX phones are not coming before 2012 but I am not sure about TechRadars assumption/guess of 18 months. It could be but I doubt RIM can wait that long. Especially once they have native email and calendaring along with BES policies on the PlayBook they should be able to port that to a phone at a faster pace.

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  1. 18 months is a death knell. No way.

    As I wrote in the forums a big item is the fact that Chiarello wrote that QNX will come on a FULL TOUCH first.

    Thats the Monaco baby!

    Adds more fuel to fire that OS 7 Monaco will be scrapped or modified….

  2. They don’t really say where they got the 18 month figure from. They just say “certain other comments” lead them to that conclusion but don’t say what the comments are. I think it sounds like they are probably closer than 18 months – at least I hope so.

  3. What if all RIM is doing is trying to get all their native BBOS apps to get ported onto QNX and then ship BlackBerrys this year with QNX and their BBOS apps on top?

  4. Well if they already have working prototypes… I’m thinking early Q1 for 2012 (Looks like it took rim 9 months to go from working prototype to production with the playbook) And with that delay, it should help with the lack of Native Apps for QNX… they still need to port dozen of apps not just email before launching a phone version.
    (Would help if they get Native SDK released to the wild)

    But after the last Playbook update, I’m getting 680 mb free… looking good for running on those 768mb phones. Maybe, an QNX lite upgrade version from OS7 for the early phones? And full version for the second generation dual core phones?

    Now give me my bold 9900 will you? Another quarterly meeting with no new phones! That’s going to be one ugly meeting!

  5. Good news indeed. I agree QNX will probably come to the Monaco first- as mentioned a while back Storm 4 will have a all new OS. I hope that they get the QNX by the end of the year or at the beggining of 2012.

  6. So I should wait and skip 9900 if QNX coming early 2012? The reason I’ll be getting a 9900 is just to get rid of 9700.

    • Personally, I’m going to get a 9900 (or maybe a 9810, depending on release timing) the moment it comes out. I’ve been running 6.0 on my 9700 for quite some time now, and frankly the device is a bit underpowered for it.

      If RIM comes out with some fantastic all-new device/OS combo less than a year after I upgrade, I’ll likely just bite the bullet and upgrade at a higher cost. (But somehow, hype aside, I’m not convinced that’ll actually happen.)

  7. Little tired of all the talk, do RIM do!!

  8. Rim are the people! Honestly believe apples Market share is to decrease due blackberry! Great and thanks berry review so much easier than crackberry!

  9. Quit playing around RIMM. Apple is leading the year of copy cats, but we know you are the true innovator.

  10. I jus want RIM to launch the OS 7 devices to see how much they ave improved since the torch………

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