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RIM Anounces BlackBerry News For the PlayBook v1.0

RIM today launched BlackBerry News for the BlackBerry PlayBook v1.0.

The application is now available through app world at this LINK

Full press release and app description below:

Today RIM is announcing the BlackBerry News 1.0 app for BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet.
BlackBerry News allows a user to consolidate and access all of their subscription-based (RSS) content feeds within one app on the BlackBerry PlayBook. New feeds can be easily added by browsing the content library, or searching for specific keywords or URLs.
The app also comes with pre-populated feeds from top news sites providing instant access to popular content from multiple providers on a variety of topics. Categories include: Arts & Entertainment, Business, Health & Lifestyle, News Headlines, Science & the Environment, Technology, and Travel. 
The BlackBerry News app for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet has been optimized for the tablet screen, and leverages the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet’s gesture-based navigation including:

  • Touching the “News Library” button feeds to easily find and add new feeds
  • Using the BlackBerry PlayBook bezel drop-down gesture from the “My News” home screen pulls up the options menu to update content, or edit and delete any subscriptions
  • Selecting a subscription provides an abbreviated summary view of articles within that  news feed, allowing for quick scanning of content
  • Swiping left on the tablet screen turns the page
    The BlackBerry News Feed application for BlackBerry smartphones was introduced by RIM last year, and customers that use the BlackBerry news feed apps on both their BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and BlackBerry smartphone will have their subscriptions automatically brought over and synced up between their devices based on their BlackBerry ID.
    This application is currently available in the US and Canada, and will be available in other countries later this year.

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    1. dammn my appworld is still screwed!!!!

    2. It’s nice. I especially like the background. Nice for reading.

    3. The effortless syncing here is indicative of some of the cool things that RIM plans to do with BBID.

    4. For what possible reason should this be restricted to US & Canada only ? Would love to use this in Australia, but no go. Might have to get creative with a VPN to get a hold of this.

    5. hmm, I still prefer Glimpse and Feed wheel. Seem faster and i like having the little image preview in the news story. (unless I am missing some options in blackberry news)

      • Oh i checked the other news feeds and the images are showing up on them. They aren’t for the Kotaku news feeds for some reason.

    6. They need to combine this with Blackberry Travel. That way, you can have a virtual newspaper on the go.

    7. Sorry to say that this is kind of a piece of crap.

      I mean… it freezes up for long periods when trying to select or deselect feeds. I hope this isn’t connected to the TAT team in any way.

    8. I will look into it.

    9. Haven’t downloaded it as of yet but I see no indication that it will sync with GoogleReader rendering it completely useless for me and I’d guess A LOT of other people who use RSS feeds.

      • I’d be happy to use it instead of greader, if it wasn’t constantly slow and/or freezing. In some feeds the full text isn’t available – which is fine, save that i couldn’t find a way to get a link to the full article.

        The ui doesnt follow basic touchscreen usability in a lot of places – no indication of what is touchable and what’s not. I honestly don’t understand why RIM would have released this in present state. A shining example of platform capabilities this is not.

    10. Really want o win that playbook comp! Berryreview always, crackberry can’t touch this

    11. More great app for the PB 🙂

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