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DreamBerry: RIM Should Add Push to Talk Features to BBM


While writing up about the new LoudTalks push to talk service I could not help but think about BBM. RIM could have a real hit on their hands if they integrated push to talk features to BBM. I know that it would be walking a fine line in terms of keeping carriers happy but in this mobile game it is either innovate or deteriorate. RIM did a brilliant job of adding Groups to BBM but I think adding voice or better yet video streaming would make it 10 times cooler!

BBM already has the infrastructure to send peer messages and audio files between devices. I already know people who use the BBM voice note feature to send messages back and forth. It would be downright brilliant if RIM would simply add half duplex push to talk groups to BBM. It would be a huge hit for businesses who have been looking for a more modern push to talk groups solution. Better yet would be the ability to streamline taking a video and streaming it to multiple people in a group.

What do you think? Do you see RIM ever adding push to talk voice capabilities to BBM? I am kind of curious to see if a developer will be able to create their own push to talk service using the new BBM peering APIs…

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  1. It would def be cooler and a neat feature to have in the future, definately would give RIM a lil something extra yet again! However, I feel there are many other items missing from our BB’s like the Flash and ability to video chat (better integration) those would take higher precedence as well as benefit RIM better…. 🙂 but yes, I’m alllllll for PTT! Loving my LoudTalks!

  2. BBM already supports voice notes! It’s a bit slow because you have to record, upload and send – but still!!! It WORKSS!!!!!!!!!!

    • Exactly. A PTT feature would just be a skin for what we ALREADY do… Instead of seeing the Recording popup and the sending vn, we’d see a PTT interface…

      Not sure if it is bad or good, but ib is right, we pretty much already have that.

  3. Sounds like a great idea! Maybe over wifi, but, over 3g or 4g, I don’t see the carriers being very happy about this at all.

    Maybe if the carriers charged extra to use the feature then RIM would get away with it.

    A good concept nonetheless.

    BBM needs to literally do everything they can think of to stay on top. I think FTF chat is ridiculous and I have never actually seen someone use the feature on their Iphone.

    I don’t think the lack of the feature is that big of a deal. If they had the feature Ronen is speaking of above, I don’t think anyone would use FTF over that feature.

    • I for one make wonderful use of my FTF chat apps, both on my iphone as well as my LG optimus Tab. And would love to have this function implemented in BBM. I have friends and family overseas, family in CA as I recently moved to PA. I use video chat to stay close to the loved ones I moved from and those who live far away. Plus when I travel it’s cool to be able to send a video shout from the cruise liner or a sneak peak of the movie I’ve gone to see.. (Shhhhhhh don’t tell imax, but I just hate riding solo lol) PTT was hot and then not for a while hence the rise of the Nextel era, and tho this feature is great, I think video chat WOULD be used more than PTT.

  4. Ronen throw up a survey.

    PTT or FTF

    • Yes! 🙂 please do!!!!! Real Time feeds/PUSH notifications, FB, Twitter, we want technology to imitate real life at every turn. PTT vs FTF. Can’t get more life like than FTF 🙂

      • I 100% disagree. I see our society moving AWAY from direct communication in a life like way that is FTF. In general we are more comfortable conversing over text, chat, bbm, whatever it is.

        People, in general, aren’t comfortable with FTF. It would be a direct opposite of the way our society has been trending over the last 25 years.

        We are a more isolated and private society than we were 25-30 years ago.

        FTF will not catch on. At least not for another 20-30 years.

        We even talk less over phones now because of chat.

        • Agreed. I too have not seen many people using FTF. FTF is mainly a gimmick, but its a gimmick that Apple has promoted well, especially among the families of soldiers overseas. BlackBerry could use some gimmicks of their own to counteract Apple’s halfhearted, but well promoted attempts to encroach on Blackberry’s business space. PPT(provided the voice recognition function is accurate) would indeed be an effective business tool.

          • This is the first time I have heard of the term FTF. 🙂 Personally I get really bored after about 5+ minutes on the phone. My problem with video calls is that people can tell when I am no longer paying attention…

            • Ahhhh u don’t like to be caught in the act! Lol see I love FTF chat for the very purpose of calling ppl out! Lmao! I require full undivied attention! Plus I like to SEE reactions 🙂

    • And for those of you who have concerns about the data being used and ur phone plan, esp w/ the companies now doing away w/unlimited data plans I have one word for you: MIFI!

      I rock a prepaid mifi and get 500/MB from Clear wireless and pay only $15/per this.. Check that vs current data plans (new ones, I also have unlimited data thru t-mobile, but since coverage sucks I use mifi anyways, just makes my bb function w/love) but w/recent tweaks to data plans MiFi is def the way to circumvent this current trend in providers. 🙂 Ashley tip of the day! 🙂 allllll love!

  5. I don’t think enough people want or need PTT to add it to BBM. Even FTF seems a bit unnecessary, but since it seems to be gaining popularity (not sure among whom since I’ve never seen anyone use it) I could see adding it to BBM. Especially now that Apple will have iMessage, they need to innovate to keep BBM relevant.

  6. I have NO problem getting ppl to use FTF chate client w/me…. Lol. U would be surprised… And Skype is EVERYWHERE. And ppl are still pissed about not having a skype client on their devices, that is one of things I see brought up regularly.. I disagree w/BB_Addict u should see my FB and the FB videos hellos and msgs that run just thru that per day… Maybe it’s because the majority of forum ppl prefer to msg/txt/bbm instead of acutally connect to ppl, but not all of society is introverted…. Yes ppl text more than call it’s faster and easier… But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to see the person smile when we make a funny or be able to chat in Real Time to be as close to our loved ones as we can w/a million miles apart. A lot of ppl are scattered from theri families as well these days, troops overseas, the current deficit in the job market, technology expanding our reach to other who live nations away… Def a new realm and I still think FTF would do better than PTT. Is it needed? No… Neither are, but if would be friggen cool! 🙂

    • And just outta curiousity, the ppl who downloaded Loudtalks, did most of u download to talk to some 1 w/bb who lives next door or in the same state, or country as you? Oooooor did u do it to connect to that bbm bud(dette) that lives a country or 2 away just to avoid the long distance costs associated w/it? PTT is simplier than VOIP calling and it’s hard to find a voip calling app FREE… Loudtalks just makes the interaction more personable… And video chats would do just that in 10 fold! Except now these ppl who just wanted to talk to their bud in the UK can now see them as well… FTF over PTT anyday!

  7. This would ROCK! I hope they do implement it and make Apple think again lol

  8. I like the idea of RIM adding PTT to the BBM. Sure you can send voice notes but it isn’t the same as using PTT.

    Verizon Wireless charges $5 a month to use the feature and can only talk to VZW customers.

  9. PTT is just about one of the most annoying phone features I’ve ever seen/heard.

    People everywhere decide it’s OK to completely ignore all pretense of respecting the people around them, and treat their phones as walkie talkies which nobody else can hear -except everyone else can.

    • True but it is very useful for certain functions especially for team work. When you need to work on a project or coordinate an event it is a life saver though most people now resort to walkie talkies.

  10. But Ronen I thought you thought PTT was useless?

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