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RIM Acquires Scoreloop Social Gaming Toolkit Developer

Scoreloop RIM acquisition

RIM’s acquisition train keeps on running strong. They just announced on their developer blog that they have acquired Scoreloop. If you have never heard of Scoreloop before then you are in the same boat with me. From my quick research is seems like they are not a game developer or publisher but rather provide a toolkit for game developers to make their games more social.

RIM clearly states that they purchased Scoreloop because they are a pioneer in social gaming and offer a cross platform social mobile gaming developer toolkit which you can read about at They plan on using this knowledge to help developers create “social app experiences” through the BBM Social Platform they have been rolling out. The Scoreloop team will be working on providing tools to “further enable our developer community to take gaming to a new level of social integration on the BlackBerry Platform.”

Pretty cool stuff! Now if only RIM would buy about 20 app and game developers and get them to release a new PlayBook and BlackBerry app every week… 🙂

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  1. Keep the train moving in the right direction.

    RIM is repairing and enhancing the engine during the freefall. Hopefully they can start this engine before they hit the ground.

  2. “Pretty cool stuff! Now if only RIM would buy about 20 app and game developers and get them to release a new PlayBook and BlackBerry app every week…”

    VER cool indeed! Get on it RIM! Lol let the games begin…. 🙂

    Also, earlier in the year when the social gaming platform from bbm 6 was announced I recall them also mentioning they were gonna collaborate w/ another dev I hadn never heard of ‘Gamachi’ is that still going on? Things have been very quiet on that front… I book marked Gamachi’s mobile site and everything in preparation, but nada from either side since.

  3. Remember BBM 6 isn’t even out of beta yet. Still BBM 5 in appworld

    There are many test projects ongoing with respect to the social gaming platforms over BBM; however, the general public won’t see them until BBM 6 is released to the public.

    • My comment was in Regards to Gamachi being a dev of bbm6’s gaming platform, NOT debating or complaining as to why the platform doesn’t exist yet…. I am well aware of all that… What I was curious about is the dev, I like to follow/FB friend/add their feeds to my plethra of resources to keep an eye out…

  4. RIM oh RIM…you never cease to amaze me.
    I’m still convinced they are planning on acquiring Apple soon…

    • Lol!!!! I can almost hear the debut: ‘Ebony and Ivory go together in perfect Harmony…’ Ahhhhhh we can dream of that perfect hybrid- iPhone mated w/BB…. Beautious!!!!!! Lol buuuuut dreams are all I think that will ever amount to. I don’t see RIM merging w/apple… Hell they only RECENTLY made BB DM workable w/MAC lol they avoid Apple at every cost… Lol. Now Windows Mobile, MAYBE…. Haha

  5. Hopefully RIM can start to roll out something tangible from all these acquisitions soon. They’ve made plenty of great ones – QNX and TAT the most notable.

  6. Right on Dev Guy, right on.

    I get miffed when people undervalue QNX on Playbook and the Torch Browser.

    Those are direct results of acquisitions!!

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