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BlackBerry PlayBook OS v1.0.5.2304 Now Available With Improvements

playbook-standby-on-screenRonen mentioned that an OS update was scheduled for June 6 and it looks like his source was right. The new update to PlayBook OS was pushed out overnight. The Update stands at 312MB so it may take a while to download depending on your Wi-Fi Connection. The features included on this update are listed below.

New Features:

  • Facebook for BlackBerry PlayBook — The first Facebook app optimized for tablets now comes preloaded and introduces new features including video uploading, message deletion, Facebook search enhancements and more.
  • In-App Payments Support — Enables developers to create apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook using the BlackBerry Payment Service, which will allow users to purchase enhancements within apps such as another level in a game or a new edition of a magazine.
  • Additional Language Support — Updates language support to include: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch and UK English.
  • BlackBerry PlayBook Charging Enhancements — By simply touching the battery indicator on the BlackBerry PlayBook home screen users can easily adjust the screen brightness or choose to restart, turn off, or put the tablet into standby mode. Other charging improvements include the ability to charge the PlayBook while it is turned off, as well as an on-screen alert to notify users if they accidentally have plugged in an incorrect charger into their BlackBerry PlayBook.
  • Video Chat Connectivity — Adds support for the TURN (Traversal Using Relay NAT) protocol, which enhances Video Chat connections between users on home, public and enterprise Wi-Fi networks.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot Detection — Automatic Wi-Fi hotspot detection in the BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.0.5 makes it easier to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot (at a coffee shop or an airport, for example).

To download, head over to Software Updates in options, and check to see for available updates and click download then install once the OS has been downloaded to your device. Thanks to everyone who sent this tip.

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  1. The heads up BerryReview… Left the PB at home she will have to wait til AFTER work to see how she takes this latest upgrade…. Can’t wait to feed the beast!

  2. I updated to the lastest OS release today and find now that attachments do not show in the BES desktop messages, nor a paperclip visual. However I do see and can download attachments with my POP email accounts.

    Has anyone else come across this?


  3. my update was 307mb.. that aside, my appworld has stopped functioning

  4. I guess they pushed the update right after I checked last night…I think it is closely tied to the new updated BlackBerry bridge software

  5. im tethering the download right now

  6. I sort of expected more based on the length of time since the last update. The battery tap on off restart function is nice though.

  7. I must say, I’m disappointed by this update. I was expecting so much more.

    I do see a performance and stability improvement (mostly in the browser and BB Bridge apps), and the charging enhancements are cool, I guess I had higher hopes for so much more.

    I had heard rumors about possible navigation/gesture improvements that would allow browser scrolling from the bezels. This would reduce the amount of accidental taps on ads, etc.

    I guess the Android App player and native email were always supposed to come in “summer.” Hasn’t summer started yet?

    I hope we don’t have to wait another month for the next update.

    • Nope, summer doesn’t start for another couple of weeks … and stretches into late September. The pessimist in me says don’t be surprised if we don’t see these things until that late … since technically that would still be summer.

  8. I’ve heard the new app world icon also leads one to believe that soon the Android apps will be making their appearances in AppWorld! Could it be true??????! Finally!!!!

  9. Did anyone else believe that the battery life seems to be much better after the update?

  10. AppWorld now pushes notifications about apps that have upgrades available to them

  11. I experimented with moving large MP3 files to the device today:

    File Transfer speed via USB is now about 3.5x faster (I’m averaging 2.5mb/s compared to the roughly 700k/s previously).

    WiFi transfers haven’t improved however – at least as far as I can see.

  12. So far here is what we have seen the language if you change it to spanish our friend felix found out it has a few glitches doesn’t display your available memory.

    when it goes on standby if your have a password it does not lock it which I like
    Swiping brings up the screen back from standby faster some report that they have to swipe from one bezel to the other.

    RST does not seem tonclear the cache on app world anymore or at least you don’t get a notification popup.

    app world upgrade notifications are a plus, and video chat is much improved.

  13. The changes are a lot more than the changelog shows…

  14. I’m not too impressed by the OS upgrade. I’m far more excited by the bridge update that made bridge browsing actually useable.

  15. I’m so disappointed, I was expecting more of the folowing fixes/additions:

    -Major CODEC compatibility (I’d like to see an app that adds codecs too if possible like K-lite)
    -Bridge- Doesn’t detects media files stored in my phone. It’d be nice if they added the ability to transfer/copy files back and forth as well.
    -Bridge- Can’t see/send sms/mms messages
    -Bridge- Doesn’t Copy/Paste in emails
    -Bridge- Ability to see favs from phone when you open the Bridge Browser.
    -Bridge- Asterisk in Mail needs to show ONLY when mail is available
    -Needs Swype
    -Universal Search like OS6/7
    -Ability to Customize Playbook Tabs. Currently we are stuck with ‘All’, ‘Favorites’, ‘Media’, and ‘BlackBerry Bridge’
    -Turn-by-Turn voice guided GPS (I’d even be willing to pay for an App that can save the maps and updates on the PB as well)
    -Blackberry App world needs to be able to scroll side to side in the main page, just the same as the PB home screen does.
    -Blackberry App World- When browsing through apps it doesn’t show me which ones are already installed
    -Browser-when streaming music on a tab, it should continue to play music from that tab when opening another one.
    -Browser- Remember favorites view whenever you change it, UNTIL the next time you change it or you upgrade the OS.
    -Browser- auto switch to bridge browser when out of wifi
    -Browser- A HOME button
    -Media- Ability to RENAME and edit pictures taken, videos taken and uploaded, etc…
    -Native BBM and integrate video call ability into it, instead of having a video call dedicated app.
    -Native Email, Calendar, BES, etc…
    -Native printing from all programs: email, browser, Docs2Go apps, etc…
    -Spell Checker & add to Dictionary option like my phone.
    -File managing for my apps and bookmarks. Be able to rename my bookmarks and arrange them in folders like Windows)
    – That “Dot” in Android that easily helps you fixes misspelled or change words.
    – USB hosting to connect external devices like printers, Digital cameras and external hard drives.
    -Camera Zoom when using the video camera
    -Camera needs to shoot pictures quicker- feels sluggish to take pics
    -Standby button in the SHUTDOWN App
    -Auto Correct, Auto Punctuate, add to dictionary option like my phone, Spell Check, etc… (Outside of Bridge)
    -Bluetooth- A2DP support

  16. According to this site,, the following was part of this playbook update:

    “BlackBerry® Bridge™ support for AT&T and Verizon customers”

    Has anyone verified this, or heard of this news?

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