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Giveaway: 10 Copies of IM+ All in One Messenger For BlackBerry

im_noneIf you have not heard BerryReview turns 4 this month and throughout the month we will be doing some giveaways with the help of our BlackBerry community friends. Todays giveaway comes from the folks over at If you are not familiar with their name you may have heard of their popular Apps such as IM+ which is a cross platform messaging available for BlackBerry and will soon come to the BlackBerry PlayBook.  ShapeServices app’s simply work and provide a nice friendly UI design.   Check out their website for more information as well as free trials of their products at this link.

We have some great apps to give to you our readers thanks to the guys over at shapesevices. To start we are giving 15 of you to win a prize. 10 will win a copy of IM+ and five lucky winners will win IM+ Talk Smile.

Not familiar with this app?

im_bb_screenshot1_neighborsIM+ Features include:

  • Chat within MSN®, Yahoo!®, Google Talk™, AIM®, MySpace™, Jabber, ICQ®, Facebook®, Skype™ and Twitter
  • Free trial at this link
  • Available for BlackBerry and all other popular smartphones
  • NEW! Neighbors: find new friends nearby!
  • Share pictures on supported platforms
  • Future updates are included free when purchase
  • Ability to access multiple platforms at the same time
  • Inbox notifications with push mode
  • Group chat on supported platforms
  • Save message history
  • Speech recognition
  • Translator  allows you to translate messages to English, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish
  • Universal search with OS 6 devices


IM+ All in One is available for purchase one time fee $39.95 at through their website or through app world.

Giveaway: For a chance to win a copy for your BlackBerry device simply leave a comment, (no double commenting allowed). The winners will be announced later this month, comments must be left before Tuesday June 7.

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  1. IM on the Playbook would be awesome :-) Can’t wait

  2. win one copy please

  3. I would really really a copy. I am In dire need of this app

  4. I want one!!!

  5. IM+ ? Count me in! 😀

  6. Awesome. I am in, I hope I am among the lucky winners.

  7. I like im+ better than beejive.

  8. “IM on the Playbook would be awesome :-) Can’t wait”

    I agree. The pics look good and the PB needs an IM app.

  9. I would love to get one:)

  10. I have heard great things about this company’s messenger. I would love to have it on my 9300 OS 6 powered by LIME Jamaica

  11. i love im+, i would love a copy!

  12. Count me in this one! Good luck everyone

  13. Let it be me, let it be me:-)

  14. One of the best all in one I’m I’ve ever used! :)

    Too bad it’s very expensive :(

    Want a freebie please hehehe ;p

  15. Sweet, would love to win a copy

  16. Great, i want one! 😀

  17. Sounds good!

  18. Why not ?

  19. Tried the trial – loved it! Would really love the giveaway

  20. PlayBook version? Gotta get in on this!

  21. thanks BR for the great conntest.
    it’s very high price for application blackberry. but it ok,coz this application very helpful chat to everyone.. and I think only im+ the best chat application. it’s not only for blackberry,if we have like iphone or android OS, im+ support for that.
    I have trial version,it very helpful for me. but I hope I can have pro version with this contest.
    BR, give me one copies please

  22. yet, another great contest!

  23. This looks fantastically awesome! :)

  24. my dreams app for all in one messaging, IM+ roockksss!!

  25. nice giveaway! want one!

  26. jw, would this work towards the soon-to-be playbook version or is this a berryreview store only purchase?

  27. I didn’t really use IM services until I tried the free version of this app. It’s a nice way to keep in touch with my nieces and nephews.

    I wouldn’t mind winning it!

  28. I love to have IM+ =]

  29. I can not say anything… this is the BIG contest.
    I hope to be one lucky person this month. please take me to the ten winners list.
    thanks BerryReview team

  30. I’m in for one. Of all the apps I’ve bought or used I’ve never used this one due to the price. Great contest BR and happy Birthday!

  31. Hope to win

  32. I’m testing new version and is excellent app….

  33. this is a great deal..i could use this app very well

  34. I love IM+!

  35. Would love to win. Skype capability would be particularly useful!

  36. I would really love to have this app, I need a good app to use skype on my blackberry

  37. I would love to have a copy of this all in one messenger I miss my skype

  38. Having the push with IM+ would be great :)

  39. I would love a copy of this app.

  40. Fantastic app can’t wait to be a lucky winner.

  41. Thanks a lot in Advance :)

  42. i wanna win one please

  43. This is great. Sign me up too please

  44. Hi,

    Please choose me.

  45. Nice! Count me in please!!!!

  46. Thanks, BerryReview and IM+ for the great contest. I hope I win this one.

  47. Great to have

  48. Awesome! Count me in please! :)

  49. IM+ is a must have apps, count me in

  50. thanks berryreview for this opportunity…

  51. Thank U berryreview!

  52. like a dream come true if I win IM+, count me in please

  53. Wow. Best IM app for BB.
    Thank U

  54. I would like a copy of this great IM+ application..

  55. IM+ is a powerfull instant messenger application. Thank you BerryReview for this opportunity. I hope I can be the lucky one to win this giveaway.

  56. I’ld love to win this app. Good luck all.

  57. Good looking app. Thanks BerryReview and good luck everyone.

  58. Excelent app, and very usefull, i would love to have a copy, thanks BerryReview for the contest

  59. OMG! IM IN FOR THIS!!!


  61. I’ve used the free version of IM+plus for a while. Would love to use IM Plus Talk to be able to speak to my family when I travel! Please pick me.

  62. I would love to win this time.

  63. I want one please…can’t wait for the playbook version too

  64. hihihi

  65. I gotta have it!

  66. I have been looking at this app for a while and would really like to be able to kick the tires for a while.

  67. happy BDAY Berryreview
    I really want this application, but I can not afford. Here I hope that was given a copy, please BR..pick me
    now I can only pray to get this application
    BR and ShapeServices,thanks for the great contest.

  68. it’s my turn to win!!!

  69. i would love to have a copy of this amazing application for my blackberry!! thanks alot BR :)

  70. WAW
    now thats 1 amazing application to be won!!
    ild love to win 1 for my bold!!
    gluck all (:

  71. i love to have a copy of this!
    thanks berry review!!

    thank youuuuu

  73. I was waiting for this kind of conests since ever!! IM is the best messenger for blackberry! hope to win a copy! good luck to all bb fans! thank you again berry review!

  74. it’s a great app! i want it!

  75. shape applications such as IM is the best product from them. and only certain web that can provide a contest for the IM application, one of them here, BerryReview.
    if I became one of the lucky ones, anything that is given by the BR, I’d be very grateful.
    I will broadcase about this contest to my friends.
    thanks berryreview team and shapeservices for the great contest.

  76. woowww..IM+ contest, I can’t believe it 😉
    thanks berryreview, you have been offered an opportunity for us to have this application.
    I hope I’ll win

  77. Already using IM+ Pro Trial but I want the full version! Coooooouuunntt me in!!!! :)


  78. BerryReview, I want this applications, can I have this one copies please..
    This is the best apps,I can’t say anything for this contest,you’re the best team BR. I not see giveaway IM+ from any web, and only here I look you give we a choice for this applications.
    Thanks BR

  79. can i have a copy please?
    thanks and gluck all!

  80. I would like to win this app too. Thank you

  81. Happy Birthday BerryReview and would love a copy of this great app!

  82. wonderfull

  83. Happy 4th Birthday BerryReview!! Congratulation !! 4th years!! Fantastic!! Just wishing BerryReview will always give the most up-to-date information about Blackberry. This is definitely the greatest Blackberry application giveaway by BerryReview ever!!!

  84. IM+ the best applications from shapeservices, I hope that given the opportunity to have it.
    Thanks BerryReview

  85. Happy Birthday BR, Thanks for this contest.
    I wish I was lucky this time

  86. please give me one copies IM+ Talk.
    Thanks BerryReview Team for the great contest this

  87. I can’t believe it, u give we contest IM+, This does not happen on other web. Thanks BR,this is amazing giveaway.

  88. count me in, and BR Thanks for this contest

  89. Would love to have a copy of IM+!!!
    Cout me IN and PICK ME !!!
    thanks yallll

  90. I think Meebo suits my needs but hey, why not go for the freebie.

  91. I’d love to win a free copy of IM+.

  92. This All in One Messenger would be great for my Torch. I would appreciate a copy.

  93. devi essere mio 😉

  94. please give me one copies.
    Thanks BR team

  95. Cool. Thanks for the contest.

  96. I’m really excited about the possibility of linking my Skype account to my Bold 9780. Greetings.

  97. I would like to throw my hat in for this one too.. Could use a better chat client..

  98. I want one free copy

  99. I hope later this month list winners like this
    1. Sukro
    2. ………
    3. ………
    4. ………
    5. ………
    6. ………
    7. ………
    8. ………
    9. ………
    10. …….
    😉 thanks BR,this is the Big contest

  100. I love my PlayBook, but still missing an IM app!

  101. amazing app

  102. I’ve always wanted to try this app.
    Thanks for the contest. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  103. It is a great app! Thanks BerryReview!

  104. it’s a great app!! the push mail function is the best in the world… wish i can get a free copy. please pick me. thanks ShapeServices & BerryReview for the contest. <3

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