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BlackBerry Bold 9930 and 9850 Rumor Mill… Sprint, Verizon, and Possible Delays

Google Bold Verizon 9930 Ad

The rumor mill is spinning at full speed with the BlackBerry Bold 9930 and now the BlackBerry 9850. First we had the BGR mentioning the rumor that the BlackBerry Bold 9900 will not be shipping globally until September. That seems to go against RIM’s original announcement saying:

Availability – The new BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 smartphones are expected to be available from carriers around the world beginning this summer.

Sprint_9930_9850_inventory2 Sprint_9930_9850_inventory

It could be that the BGR got things right that the device might not ship Globally until September since signs are pointing to an August launch. CrackBerry scored some pictures of a Sprint inventory system showing the BlackBerry Bold 9930 launching on Sprint for a tentative August 21st ship date and the 9850 with no tentative date.

Next we have some Google ads already advertising the BlackBerry Bold Touchscreen on Verizon when they have not even announced the device spotted by BBRocks. I guess that confirms it will be coming to Verizon but if the device was going to launch in September would they really be advertising it now? Just doesn’t add up. Something makes me feel we will see it in a July-ish time frame.

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  1. I somewhat hate to say this, but isn’t it techincally still summer till like September 21st? So, they’d still be telling the truth, much to our dismay…

  2. August 21 is basically September.

    If these devices don’t hit North America in July or first week of August I will be dissapointed.

    Yes, I will wait, but, I will be dissapointed.

    As I have been saying in my posts on the forums, its one god damn thing after another with RIM

    They get all this momentum going with the Playbook and Fu** it up with late released phones.

    I mean really??? really??? really??

    My distain is amplified even more now that my Torch was stolen yesterday from work and I am stuck with a 9300.

    I was initially not too worried because I assumed I was less than 2 months away from 9900 launch. Now… I am worried!

  3. RIM’s bottom line is taking a beating recently, and they clearly recognize they have no competitive smartphone devices on the market. If they wait any longer, they would have signed their death warrant. There are far too many competitors on the market.

    The Torch doesn’t compare with the iPhone 4 and it certainly won’t cut it with the iPhone 5 due sometime this summer. Oh yeah, the crappy Bolds on the market today aren’t any better off. At least RIM listened, and the new Bold Touch shows lots of promise. It will be a hot item! Why would they hold on to it. It was demoed in April at BlackBerry World, so it’s not vapourware. It needs to be released. Much depends on what RIM has available for sale this summer.

    I have also noticed a significant drop in the price of the Torch, and this usually occurs before new devices are released.

  4. I hope they add a dual-coe processor so we can have some kind of guarantee we will be able to upgrade to QNX, HDMI out, 1gb RAM and a front facing cam.

  5. Great! Sprint’s finally getting top of the line BlackBerry phones. Sprint should add some 4G to them.

  6. A good point was made, hopefully “if” the phones are delayed, they make some more upgrades, like a dual core processor, hdmi out, and maybe even a front facing camera. I could do without all that if they just gave us the phones already.

    They have a huge uphill battle to try and regain some of their past glory. The PlayBook was a good start, but these delays are going to kill it fast. The PlayBook brought BlackBerry back into people’s minds, but they are going to forget all over again, if the phones to get here soon.

  7. I’m crossing my fingers on 4th of July

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