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TI Announces OMAP 4470 Processor at 1.8Ghz – Possibilities for the PlayBook?

OMAP 4 4470 Processor

TI announced a new top player in their OMAP 4 processor lineup. In case you missed it the BlackBerry PlayBook runs a TI OMAP 4 processor at 1Ghz called the 4430. There is a 4440 which runs at 1.5Ghz but RIM did not go for that one. On the other hand this new 1.8Ghz OMAP 4470 could almost double the processing power for the BlackBerry PlayBook in future larger 10 inch designs with larger batteries.

TI touts that this new 4470 processor offers:

Customers designing ultrathin laptops, tablets or smartphones around previously released OMAP 4 processors (OMAP4430 and OMAP4460 processors) gain the added benefit of pin-to-pin hardware and software compatibility for maximum re-use and faster time-to-market

The new 4470 processor bumps up performance with:

  • Two ARM Cortex-A9 MPCores running up to 1.8GHz per core for an 80% increase in Web browsing performance
  • Two ARM Cortex-M3 cores – Smart multicore processing optimized for low-power and real-time responsiveness
  • SGX544 graphics core – 2.5x overall graphics performance increase; support for DirectX, OpenGL ES 2.0, OpenVG 1.1, and OpenCL 1.1
  • Hardware composition engine with dedicated 2D graphics core – Frees GPU to manage intensive tasks; maximizes power-efficiency
  • Supports as many as three HD displays and up to QXGA (2048×1536) resolution; HDMI supporting stereoscopic 3D
  • Dual-channel, 466 MHz LPDDR2 memory – Higher memory bandwidth enables rendering and compositing of multilayer content at high resolutions
  • Complete pin-to-pin hardware and software compatibility – Rapid transition and maximum re-use of investment from OMAP4430 and OMAP4460 processors

Who knows if RIM will actually use the OMAP 4470 processor but its great to see that its there. One of RIM’s biggest problems in the past was using Marvel’s processor in their phones which did not have a good upgrade path without rewriting parts of the OS like they just had to for BlackBerry OS 7. That is why RIM decided to dump Marvel more or less in future phones except for the upcoming Curve Apollo. On the other hand there is still TI’s OMAP5 processors that will supposedly run at 2Ghz with dual cores.

The question truly is if the PlayBook really needs a faster processor now. What I really want to see is more RAM in the device since it seems to run out when you run too many apps concurrently.

via Reuters and IntoMobile

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  1. other companies are already talking about quad-core – even if it isn’t really required for the playbook I think RIM should look into that – dual core vs. quad core – they will lose to the other devices in the marketing even if the playbook can run the same with a dual core as the others run with a quad core.

  2. They should definitely look into it as one possibility, but they should be exploring quad core chips. They need to try to stay as cutting edge as they can to stay competitive on specs. Perhaps they should use this chip on the 10 inch Playbook and find a quad core chip for the next generation 7 inch Playbook.

    • Agreed. They need to keep up with the competetion. More RAM would help as well.

      • I def agree, I been having memory problems lately with my Playbook. When I have other apps running and the more than 3 browsers, they start reloading when I go back to them.

    • This is EXACTLY why RIM is suffering major losses, because they’re not keeping up with the market. Did anyone see the Tegra 3 demo? If you didn’t they were running Lost Planet 2 on it and wow, did it look and run great! This is where RIM needs to be, if not…they’re just gonna keep falling behind until it gets sold to someone else or goes bankrupt.

  3. I didn’t realize this was quad core. In that case, they need to put this in the 10 inch Playbook and the next revision of the 7 inch. More RAM would be great too.

  4. I don’t get all the talk about falling behind. I think the playbook specs are good and were good on release day. Yes they should adopt this chip. It ‘s a no brainer for RIM to push the envelope of the tablet since they don’t produce laptops or desktops they have no incentive to not to see those markets die.

    RIM is behind in phones but this was driven by battery life, in tablets they are doing fine on specs. I think it is a false statement to imply otherwise. Of course we are talking computing so things are out of date shortly after you order the chips but then by definition every tablet on the market is out of date.

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