RIM Explains How to Debug WebWorks Apps Using Web Inspector & Other Tools


We broke the news of Web Inspector coming preloaded on the BlackBerry PlayBook before its launch back in mid April. I absolutely love this feature and can’t wait for when BlackBerry OS 7 brings it to BlackBerry devices too. It is what allows us to create and debug BlackBerry sites like the BerryReview PlayBook Edition site.

Until now RIM has been sort of quiet about how to use Web Inspector especially when it comes to using it to debug BlackBerry WebWorks applications on the PlayBook. Until then many developers were using Firebug Lite which works but does not offer as broad of a feature set. Now RIM shows us how to compile BlackBerry WebWorks apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook with Web Inspector enabled.

They also feature three other tools that can be used to help with debugging including:

  • Weinre – Weinre (Web Inspector Remote)
  • Firebug Lite – Firebug Lite is a JavaScript framework that is designed to be used to add debugging & profiling capabilities to web applications
  • Jsconsole.com – JSConsole.com is a remote service created by Remy Sharp that can be used to configure your BlackBerry WebWorks content to load a remote JavaScript file that shares output from console.log().

If you develop WebWorks apps for the PlayBook or plan on it I highly recommend checking out Adam Stanley’s guide on the RIM developer blog.

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