MusicRoom Streams Your Music to Your BlackBerry in Your Home

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Over the years there have been a few solutions that allow you to stream music to your BlackBerry from your PC. I am not sure what happened to the biggest player Music With Me but now there is a new solution called MusicRoom. This app lets you stream music from your music folder to your BlackBerry while you are at home. That means you can tap into your large music collection on your PC from your BlackBerry. Its a cool idea and something I am hoping gets refined to work over wireless networks too. I simply like the fact that you don’t have to use iTunes or Windows Media Player.

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Features include:

  • Access and play your entire music library on your BlackBerry
  • No converting or copying files, just choose a song and play it within second
  • Quick and easy setup, download the free server application from and choose your music folders
  • No changes to your existing music files or folders, keep your music ordered the way you want it.

Check out MusicRoom at or in App World for $5.99

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  1. I use Hypoxia. It’s cheaper…streams to and from the PC and allows the use of any DLNA streaming software. ie TVersity (what I use). Ohh yeah and it does video. These guys have a fair amount of work ahead of them before I’ll be giving all that up for this.

    • All good points devguy. I’ll start by saying that my comments are in no way impartial – I am the lead developer on MusicRoom πŸ™‚

      We looked at Hypoxia before developing MusicRoom and felt there were a few areas which could be improved on.

      Firstly, Hypoxia only works with DNLA servers like TVersity and Windows Media Player. This means that if you’ve got your music library in iTunes you have to import it into Windows Media Player library before you could stream it to your BlackBerry.

      With MusicRoom we have a small PC application (MusicRoom Server) which allows you to choose the folder(s) where your music is contained. Once selected, your music folders are instantly shared with your BlackBerry, so there’s no changes to your existing music library.

      The second issue we found with Hypoxia was one of usability. In our opinion the app was quite difficult to configure and had a few reliability issues.

      I’m not saying MusicRoom is perfect, but it does not require any technical knowledge to setup, and we’ve spent a lot of time simplifying the UI so it’s intuitive to use.

      Hypoxia does do a lot of things that MusicRoom doesn’t (video streaming, streaming from BB to PC), so if you need that then Hypoxia is the only choice.

      With MusicRoom we wanted to focus on one thing and do it well: streaming music from PC to BlackBerry over wifi. Hopefully we’ve done that with the initial release.

      We do have a lot of other ideas in the pipeline (including DNLA support) so you’re right, we definitely have a fair amount of work ahead of us!! πŸ˜‰

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