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Will Native Email Come to the BlackBerry PlayBook in Mid June?


One of the questions many potential BlackBerry PlayBook customers and current owners are asking is when native email and PIM will come to the device. At BlackBerry World RIM spread the word that it would be coming “this Summer” which is a nice and vague description of June, July, or August. The thing is OnTheWay reminded me about something Jim Balsillie said in a WSJ interview back on April 15th when he was asked about the lack of a native email client on the PlayBook. His response in case you forgot:

“We will have, if you want, a standalone non-web, non-paired email client on it within the next, I believe it was 60 days scheduled.”

Notice the “I believe” prefacing that statement. Still if you are counting up from April 15th we are 42 days into that 60 day total. That puts 60 days at June 14th which is nice and early summer. As OnTheWay pointed out it would be odd if Jim said “I believe it was 60 days scheduled” if he meant end of summer which would be close to double that.

I just thought I would mention that there is a chance we may be seeing this sooner rather than later. I am still pondering how exactly native email and PIM will work on the PlayBook together with your smartphone but I already covered that.

So what is your gut feeling? Which month do you think RIM will launch native PIM for the BlackBerry PlayBook? June? July? August?

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  1. They do really need to deliver native email and PIM sooner rather than later – provided it is complete. The last thing they need to do is push it out the door half-baked. Native apps will greatly increase the appeal of the device and drive sales numbers higher. However, I do have some of the same concerns as you when it comes to how it will integrate with the same apps on a separate Blackberry phone.

    • Getting a new Torch on a data plan from a carrier and a PB elsewhere will a cheaper package than the standalone 3/4G PB with native PIM – and you’ll still need a phone!! Tell me again why you want it??

  2. Unfortunately RIM has worked itself into a position where we just don’t expect them to make any deadlines. For the life of me I just cant figure it out. Android phones seems to be coming out every minute (including multiple models from the same manufacturers) but RIM just can’t get a phone out, they always seems to be “testing” them with the carriers. They missed their own playbook deadline as well.

    Long way of saying no, I don’t see them making a June 15 deadline. The crucial deadline is August 1but I have little faith they will make that either date. Sorry to be negative I’m not a hater I love my playbook and in general love RIM products but I think they need to make serious investments in speeding things up and meeting their own deadlines. I think I heard report of an internal meeting at RIM a few months ago where they we saying that themselves, well it just needs to get done.

    • Follow up. Just downloaded the Vintage theme from App world what a great theme. Things like this make me enjoy my blackberry devices, and put a smile on my face about RIM.

  3. Sorry but i really dont care for it, I hope they allow us blackberry owners delete these app.

  4. I think (and hope!) they will have it released before the June 16th release date of the Playbook in the UK. England is one of Blackberry’s most important markets.

  5. Native email isn’t so necessary when you are connected to the web. I have everything going to the Berry Torch anyhow and I’m finding myself playing much more with games, listening to music, and watching videos online. The PlayBook is growing on me as a “play” “book”!

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