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Google Music Beta Works on Both BlackBerry 9800 and the PlayBook

IMG_00000130Finally I received a Google music invite, which I was able to quickly set up right from my BlackBerry browser by following the link on the e-mail invite.  The set up process is simple, and it actually lets you pick Genres on the set up process if you want to add the free sample’s Google offers you.  There is not that many songs in the samples but to test it I decided to add those.  To the right you have lists to choose from that allows you to pick what you want to listen to including songs, Artists, Albums, Genres. You can listen to auto playlist by thumbs up, recently added, and free songs.

Another playlist option is the instant mixes this option allows you to select one song and then Google creates a playlist of 25 random songs.

The last option towards the bottom allows you to create a playlist by giving it a name and simply drag and drop from current songs into the playlist of your choice within the browser.

BlackBerry & PlayBook Browser:

Captura al 26-05-2011 19-16-07

So I decided to test how it works on the BlackBerry browser and to my surprise it works just as good as it does on my PC or the BlackBerry PlayBook browser. If you do want to have a good stream it needs to be over 3G  or Wi-Fi. Depending on how good your connection is, you should have no problem streaming music.

Navigating: To my surprise navigating through playlist is simple and works just as good on the BlackBerry browser. To play a song  or to bring up a menu for the songs you have to click on a small downward arrow next to the number telling you time frame of the song.  When you click on a song you can navigate around the music library without worrying the song will pause, you have a bar at the bottom of the browser that tells you which song is playing. The bar stays put allowing you to change songs, shuffle, pause or stop playing music.

You can also rate songs by using the thumbs up or thumbs down option on the right side of the songs profile.

I really like way Google designed the music library is simple and gets the job done. I did not have another device to test it on, but if you have an invite let us know how it works on your device.

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  1. On the Playbook it doesn’t work fine for me. It’s difficult to jump from one song to another but I’m sure google and RIm can work it out.

  2. Sadly, I live in Canada and, well you know the rest.

  3. I got an invite and bookmarked the page and itt works great for me. And I’m even listening to music from it via my 9780. It works just like on the computer. 🙂

  4. How difficult is it to get an invite? I remember waiting to get one on Wave seemed forever.. and then I never really used it. But this is music. And music is timeless.

  5. This just shows how versatile and powerful the Playbook is, now we just need some updates to patch the holes left behind. Like the following:

    -Major CODEC compatability (I’d like to see an app that adds codecs too if possible like K-lite)
    -Bridge Doesn’t detect media files stored in my phone. It’d be nice if they added the ability to transfer/copy files back and forth as well.
    -Can’t see/send sms/mms messages
    -Needs Swype
    -Universal Search like OS6/7
    -Turn-by-Turn voice guided GPS (I’d even be willing to pay for an App that can save the maps and updates on the PB as well)
    -Blackberry App world needs a back button in the MY WORLD in order to go back to the original page you were last at.
    -Spell Checker & add to Dictionary option like my phone.
    -File managing for my apps and bookmarks. Be able to rename my bookmarks and arrange them in folders like Windows)
    – That “Dot” in Android that easily helps you fix mispelled or change words.
    -Native BBM App
    – USB hosting to connect external devices like printers, Digital cameras and external Hard drives.
    -Camera Zoom when using the video camera
    Camera needs to shoot pictures quicker- feels sluggish to take pics
    -Yahoo Messenger, Skype and OoVoO- what good is the front facing cam if you can’t put it to good use!

  6. Google music does not work for me on the playbook. When ever I click anything I get a message “Couldn’t open Songs. Please try again”.

  7. Storm 2 doesn’t work… Oops it looks like you don’t have Flash installed. Any work around?

  8. I got my invite today. After waiting seemd like months! But it was worth it. Its good & working great on my mac & the same from my blackberry curve 9330. Only problem is to select different songs from the playlists it doesn’t have a scroll button for my blackberry, so io have to keep it on shuffle. And sometimes when playing music from it , it restarts my browser. But other than that its great!

  9. Can’t get it to work on my PB..any suggestions?

  10. Works wonderfully on the 9900

  11. On a 9800 It Doesn’t Work! I log in everything perfect excep it Doesn’t Play the songs – No Audio!

  12. Works great on my 9900. Im in canada, just had to get someone to proxy for me and it works great

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