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Three IRC Clients for the BlackBerry PlayBook (So Far!)

IMG_00000385 IMG_00000381

One of the areas I have always missed on my BlackBerry is the lack of a solid IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client. I tend to find some great advice on IRC and usually have to fire up a laptop or desktop to access it properly. We do have one or two clients for BlackBerry smartphones but within a month of launch we have three for the BlackBerry PlayBook. They range from free to $2.99 and I am still trying them out one by one:

IMG_00000382 IMG_00000383

So far I have found the clients to be a bit basic and am surprisingly having fun with the free FIRC. Aurora seems to have the most features but not by much. These clients are relatively bare bones but they get the job done. Here is to hoping we get quite a few other clients along with more features in the current IRC clients soon!


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  1. Yeah but nothing like Msn or google talk yet…maybe I’m asking too much of RIM a month after release?

  2. As far as I can tell, Chatmosphere is the IRC client for confused non-English-speakers who don’t have a clue what IRC actually is. Seriously. I spend most of my day hanging out in ##blackberry on FreeNode, and every other hour or so we get something like this:

    * Chat1234 has joined ##blackberry
    Chat1234: hey all
    Chat1234: pin me up! carlos/19/brazil pin: 12F34B6 hot girlz ony plz!
    * Chat1234 has quit

    If it wasn’t for the off-chance that one of them might actually chat someday, we’d have blocked the whole Chatmosphere proxy by now.

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