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FileCommander For the BlackBerry PlayBook Now Available

IMG_00000119So far we have seen some good looking file management apps for the PlayBook but they lack in some way or another,  enter FileComander.  This new application is simple to used and the UI looks clean, fluid and best of all has all the features you naturally expect from a file manager app.  It allows the user to tap and open files, tap and hold to edit files.  The application should show up on the new apps section of App World on your PlayBook, if it does not simply bring up the keyboard and type rst to clear the cache.

You can download the application from App World at this link. When we first wrote about it the app showed up as free, but it looks like the app cost $0.99 cents.


  • Copy Files
  • Moves Files
  • Rename Files
  • look at info
  • Delete
  • Tap to open
  • Tap and hold to Edit
  • Access to a wide ranger of folders
  • Supported extensions
  • Windows like file management experience
  • Easy to use
  • Extension support for most common files
  • Swipe from to to bring up menu bar

App Description:

FileCommander is a powerful tool for managing local files on your PlayBook.
Thanks to the traditional GUI it is extremely easy to use and effective.

How to use:
open file: tap
file context menu: tap and hold, swipe to side
copy, move, rename, details and delete file: via context menu
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  1. Until RIM adds major codecs to the playbook some media files STILL won’t be viewable.

  2. Finally a file management app that looks good. I actually am not able to download it for some odd reason. v1.1 continues to say “There was a problem during installation. Please try again” Few reboots, ect and still unable. Worries me more about the PlayBook than the app however.

  3. Same here. I can’t install and get the error message: “There was a problem during installation…” It’s likely an issue with the app and probably worth trying again in a few days.

  4. I still see it for $0.99 not free. It does show as free online but once I login with my BBID it shows $0.99 again. Weird.

  5. ..well that’s a relief. I’ll keep my eye on it for a download later. And I’m happy to pay $0.99 for it.

  6. the article states the app is free, the link to App World says 0.99, and when i clicked to purchase it the pop up window says 4.99.


  7. It says $0.99 to buy but when you select it, it shows $4.99 in paypal…. sneaky.

  8. it has been 0,99 in AppWorld at least for two weeks now, and 4,99 if u try to purchase it.

    i wish to think its AppWorld making trouble, and not just some creative developer trying to trick people into purchasing to higher price……

    that being said, the functionality should already have been an integrated part of the PlayBook, so i hope that RIM soon pay some developer for the product and get it in place where it belongs…. before we bring back the PlayBooks ….

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