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Verizon Plans On Offering Family Data Plans With Data Buckets Across Devices

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Since 3G came out and more and more devices benefit from connecting to the internet I knew this would eventually happen. Carriers need to find a middle ground where you are not paying another $30 a month per device you want connected to their network. Their first attempt at a solution was mobile hotspots like the Mi-Fi but those are only good in certain cases. I would ideally like to see plans like electric bills where you pay for usage and delivery no matter what device uses electricity.

Verizon told Reuters that it is thinking of moving in that direction with Family Plans for data services on multiple devices. Now that the faux “Unlimited” plans are mostly gone they plan on offering data buckets shared across a family plan sort of like what they do now for minutes. You would pay for say a 5GB data bucket and be able to share that data between your tablet, smartphone, or in my mind even your camera, laptop, and other gadgets.

Verizon has no timeframe for these new plans but hopefully they are coming soon. The 4G PlayBook is coming later this year and it would make quite a bit of sense if we had such plans at that time. What do you think?

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  1. Yet another attempt for Big Red to increase revenue, just like all of their other recent actions (no more 1-year contracts, no more FRUs stocked at stores for warranty replacements, 5-day turnaround for warranty replacements unless you have insurance, …). If it doesn’t make them more money, it won’t happen.

  2. It may indeed make them money, but at this point (without doing further research) I think that is a great idea. I’d rather pay for X amount of data and use it however I desire and with as many devices as I want. Once I have used my data allowance up, then well, I’ll have to wait till next month or upgrade to a larger bucket of data. Maybe they should do a similar thing like a standard house utility, if the price was reasonable enough, where you actually pay for what you use! As BlackBerry users we’d definitely have the advantage then. (Like I said if the price was reasonable. Say, $0.000000006 per byte ($30 for 5GB))

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