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When Will The Next PlayBook OS Update Come? What Will It Include?

PlayBook OS

When the PlayBook launched last month it started receiving OS updates on a consistent basis.The last update to the BlackBerry PlayBook OS came on May 3rd during BlackBerry World. While there we learned that RIM would be pushing out OS updates as often as every two weeks. Right now we are well past that two week period and it has me wondering. When will the next PlayBook OS update come and what features will it bring to the table?

While I am loving my BlackBerry PlayBook I can see the potential there and RIM has quite a few features in store. For example, when will developers get access to notifications on the BlackBerry PlayBook or be able to push updates? I thought I would open the floor to all of you to see what you think the next PlayBook OS update will include and when it will come!

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  1. I believe that I got an update last last weekend. Anyone else?

  2. I’m expecting to see the next update around the end of May.

  3. I hadn’t heard of anyone getting the next upgrade yet. What does happen sometimes is one of the original bundled apps gets deleted, and then an update appears under the software updates tab that reinstalls the deleted app. That sort of update is usually very small, a few mb’s, and the OS and OS number doesn’t change.

    I have read rumors posted elsewhere that the next OS upgrade will be just before or at the end of the month, which would make for a long, next 10 days. Can’t RIM at ,east throw us an auto-correct crumb to tide us over while we wait?

  4. I was just thinking about this this morning. The only ting I see that would be nice for an update is building the bridge apps faster. Sometimes it takes a while for the Playbook to “build” the UI for mail and BBM. I don’t know if that can be speeded up but since I’m not talking about data transfer but instead the physical UI I think it could be.

    If this gets faster I’d rather use the bridge than native email etc. that I know is coming, but if the bridge has this lage then I’ll use the native stuff.

  5. One of the things that I find frustrating about RIM is they often only update at events such as BlackBerry World. Instead they need to act more like updates are no big deal, and just casually release them every few weeks.

    Too often it feels like they are waiting for an event or they do something like not update the spell check right away because they are waiting for an unrelated feature like the android player. They just need consistent incremental improvements.

    • I think that was the idea with the 2 week updates.

      I don’t want updates over done one reason I switched to Mac years back was the constant update to windows, it just got crazy. Win 7 is much better than I’ve switched back.

  6. My ONLY complaint about the Playbook is the slow boot-up time and splash screens. Certainly RIM could address this with an upcoming update…

    • if your only complaint is the slow boot up time 1) You don’t own a Blackberry lol and 2) youre much more patient than me. Dont get me wrong I love my PB but there are several things that need fixing.

      • Completely agree with you… I really dont understand all these people saying they are soo happy about the device and that they “finally” get so much more work done… I wonder what work they talk about… and most apps available now – are either crappy games – or half working apps that still require lots of work to even be close to be efficient.

        RIM have A LOT that needs to be fixed on the PB – from connectivity issues (WiFi AND DesktopManager), Wireless Syncing, UI consistency, Better control with Apps in AppStore. I believe that IF RIM had done the jon they supposed to – checking Apps before allowing them on AppStore – only a handfull would be available today.

        All contacts I had with support has been a terrible experience – they either speak so broad south dialects – or they just dont understand plain english. Every “solution” they give me – require a constant use of a computer,… – and – If I would need my laptop around – WHY would I want yet another device?

        The PlayBooks success will solely rely on RIM’s power do make the hardware do its job..

        • I think your looking at it to negatively. Here’s what the PlayBook has that the other tablets don’t.

          1. Extreme portable – you can take it anywhere.

          2. Extreme multitasking – You can several apps running at the same time.
          3. Wireless updates – no need to plug your tablet in a computer to get the latest OS. Plus you can still use the tablet even when you updating the OS!

          4. Variety of app formats: adobe flash, android/blackberry and mac – have you seen Quake 3, Ipad 2 doesn’t even come close.

          5. Built in apps – calculator, alarm clock, need for speed, weather apps are superior than other tablets.

          6. BlackBerry Bridge syncing with your phone has a great amount of potential especially when combined with apps like Poynt.

          • Wow, these are really important things for a business tablet. What about a working office app? The one on the Pb cannot even display charts. What about an integrated Pim, displaying pdfs from websites, stabllity?

            • You must live under the proverbial rock. Stability? I often go weeks without doing Reboot because the thing never crashes.

              • “..because the thing never crashes…”


                I have many types of crashes – every day…

                Apps just exits by themselves – the Internet browser just exits – after copying new music or picture files onto the PM – it sometimes gets into some endless loop and never releases the filesystem to the rest of the apps – so it looks empty… So far I have never ever been able to use the Desktop Manager to make a backup…etc…..

                In my book – all those things is categorized as crashes….

                All attempts to get some support from RIM is proven futile – they either tell to wait on new OS update, or forward me to some FAQ that doesn’t cover the problems at all..

                • Nope bought mine on day one and it has never crashed I’m probably lucky but you are probably unlucky from the sounds of it.

    • How long does it take for an iPad or iPhone to boot from a full power off? Personally, the Playbook boot times seems fast . It only takes 1 minute and 15 seconds from a full power down to boot the Playbook.

  7. the slow boot up is for a reason, usually All blackberries and now even the Playbook take a little longer to bootup because RIM does Cryptographic Kernel validation upon bootup. This is for your own safety so that no body hack your device or root or replace the OS on the device. Google the word “Cryptographic Kernel validation” and the first search item should point to Blackberry site.

  8. I hope the new update includes the android app simulator.

  9. I would like full phone support over the bridge… it’s nice that I can silence the ringer with my playbook, but there wasting the Mic and speakers on the playbook limiting it just displaying the caller id.

    Also, just not happy with Koko, it’s slow and crappy looking.

    Twitter apps would go nice with the Facebook they release last week.

  10. Several things….

    1. Update the wireless to support the same authentication protocols as the BB. We need LEAP support.

    2. Kobo is a joke. It doesn’t work in offline mode. HTH am I suppose to read a book on an airplane? And it doesn’t load any of the 500+ books I already own in e-pub format.

    3. The android player could help solve #2. Any number of good e-pub readers on android. Let’s not forget the PB android player isn’t ALL about games!

    4. Yes, the bridge performance is pretty slow. Like to see improvement there. Along with the BBM support we got in the bridge, I would like to see the BB Enterprise client also supported. Same engine underneath. So I’d like to add support for the other messaging clients.

    5. Skype. Ok. Even the text messaging portion of Skype would help. The web site is painfully slow.

    • Hmm, the negative stuff on Kobo is curious. Let’s see… since I’ve had the playbook I’ve traveled coast to coast, to Europe and to Asia, read tons of pages on kobo app and never missed a beat, obviously I was not on wifi.

      I don’t own epub books but you might try this:

      “A relatively user friendly method I’ve found worked for the one epub I’ve purchased from o’reilly was to run it through a calibre conversion. Select the kobo output in the page setup and check the force use of auto generated table of contents option.”

      The I above is not me 🙂

      • The Android version of Kobo and the physical e-reader DO support e-pub import. It’s the crippled PB version that doesn’t seem to. If someone can show me how the PB version can read locally stored e-pub, I’m all ears. I’ve used calibre for all kinds of conversions. It’s great. But that still doesn’t get the files into this version of Kobo.

        • Sorry to hear that, why not write to kobo, but I have to say kobo does work off line, i just took another 4 hour flight today and used it no problem again.

  11. i hope the update gives me 5G internet speeds………

  12. i’m waiting and hoping for the bridge to include sms capabilities…so that i can view and reply to sms messages from my playbook via the bridge!

    hurry it up rim!

  13. I received an update today, but I don’t see anything different

  14. -Major CODEC compatability (I’d like to see an app that adds codecs too if possible like K-lite)
    -Bridge Doesn’t detect media files stored in my phone. It’d be nice if they added the ability to transfer/copy files back and forth as well.
    -Can’t see/send sms/mms messages
    -Needs Swype
    -Universal Search like OS6/7
    -Turn-by-Turn voice guided GPS (I’d even be willing to pay for an App that can save the maps and updates on the PB as well)
    -Blackberry App world needs a back button in the MY WORLD in order to go back to the original page you were last at.
    -Spell Checker & add to Dictionary option like my phone.
    -File managing for my apps and bookmarks. Be able to rename my bookmarks and arrange them in folders like Windows)
    – That “Dot” in Android that easily helps you fix mispelled or change words.
    -Native BBM App
    – USB hosting to connect external devices like printers, Digital cameras and external Hard drives.
    -Camera Zoom when using the video camera
    Camera needs to shoot pictures quicker- feels sluggish to take pics
    -Yahoo Messenger, Skype and OoVoO- what good is the front facing cam if you can’t put it to good use!

    On a different note- Here’s a few accessories/Apps I’d like to see:
    -A Dock that has full size USB, HDMI and possibly SDHC in addition to the microUSB. That way you can acutally have better use for it than the rapid charging one they currently sell.
    -a dock that lets you connect multiple devices to the PB via wifi/bluetooth such as a printer, camera, or hard drive.
    -Car dock for GPS
    -bluetooth Keyboard/mouse
    – An App to remember my passwords so I don’t have reenter them every time into the websites/apps login
    -A Torrent App
    -Music Downloading App like MP3 Music Download for Android
    -App to save to the Playbook
    -youtube or other websites that stream videos online
    -Netflix App
    -YouTube App

  15. Can’t figure out if you own a playbook or not. Some of the stuff you ask for is already on it. YouTube.

    • I do own a Playbook, if the stuff I mentioned already exist why don’t you enlighten me and send the intructions on how to do it and/or send me the links.

      • Well mine has a youtube app, and it has a music store where I can get mp3 files.

        • That’s not an actual YouTube App, that’s a link. The Music App is an app to purchase music, I think what he’s referring to is an music free downloader. Android has a feww that even give you the lyrics to the songs.

          • the youtube icon is an actual app. not a link

            • Read the reviews, they explain it. I’m not a QNX tech, I can’t explain it but it is simply a link. If it opens the browser to view it- its a link.

              • I dont need to read reviews. I own a Playbook. There is a youtube app. it is not a launcher it is an app.

                • So if its an app- minimize it, open a new browser and see what happens. I didn’t know apps run on the browser, hmmm.

              • yes it is an app. it does not use the browser

              • One thing it’s not is a link to a web site.

                It may be a native, flash, or webworks app – we really have no way of knowing. But it is a locally deployed application (as shown by the fact you can run it when offline; and it detects when offline).

                As far as your other comment: webworks apps are bundled applications; they run their own instance of the webkit engine, and so run alongside the browser.

  16. 1) Fix the transfer speed when the PlayBook is connected via USB. Maxing out at around 5 MB/s is unacceptable
    2) The Browser should not stop playing content such as video when switching to another tab
    3) Codec support. I’m hoping to see support for .mkv playback but in order for that to happen the PlayBook needs to be able to support ac3 and dts audio formats which it currently does not.

  17. I totally agree with you bro!

  18. I’ve been checking for updates at least twice a day thinking I missed something. After that initial expectation of 2 week updates, I’m getting a little antsy.

    I’m looking forward to a couple things and hope they come soon:
    – native email
    – android app player

  19. I just wanted to add something odd I just noticed about my PB– I let the battery drain all the way, then I put it to charge. Four Hrs later I turned it on to check it and the battery was still drained when I turned it on. I am now having to charge it while on. I hope they fix this, I’ve also read in other posts that it isn’t charging while connected via USB. I am currently using the latest OS btw.

    • It does charge when connected via USB, albeit slowly. You won’t see the charge icon unless you actually tap the battery icon; this is (I assume) because the charge is very slow and actually not enough to charge at all if you’re using the PB nonstop while on USB.

  20. I must say that when i reaserched the playbook for months, i was quite looking forward to geting it. I ordered the 64gig on line and had it delivered next day. i was felt like a kid in christmas morning. i booted up and downloaded music, movies and pics. i was very happy with the pb. after the first upgrade i was on top of the world. a week later i bought the 64 gig ipad 2 for my wife. i kept teasing her on the multi tasking capabilities, awsome web browsing and how i hooked up the pb to our huge hd tv. as apps started appearing i bought them almost as soon as they apeared. i realized that the games i was purchasing were quite disaponting. the apps that i was paying for were quite bland and unimpressive. i realized that the ipad apps were fantastic and the ipad games were amazing. purchasing magazines on the ipad were as enjoyable to read as a real mag, and in some cases better (like checking out the models in maxim). I realized that watching mags on the pb was a terrible experience. i started to get upset that the pb was not being upgraded every two weeks as stated. i actualy got so upset that i have returned my pb and now check in at best buy twice a day to purchase a second ipad 2 (because my wife refuses to let me use hers and she is always on it). I know that the pb has potential but with me it came down to potential not meaning anything when upgrades are not available and ipad is doing 90% of what the pb does, only better. the things that i like more about the pb is the size and the display resolution. side by side although not by much, the playbook colors (especialy black) are deeper and have better resolution. i also apreciate the beautifull sound on the pb, ipad does not come close on the sound department. when i considered everything i remembered the price of each is exactly the same. i could not justify to myself paying the same for smaller size and extreemly limited capabilities. i know that the android market will be available to pb but a vast majority of those apps are quite bland and unimpressive in my opinion.
    for now i have decided to jump on the ipad 2 band wagon but i will keep an eye out for improvements. should the pb begin to show steady maturity, i might just spring for it again.

  21. Go over to Crackberry your comments will do well there. This site is for non haters.

    Some of ghe stuff you say is true, but reading mags, NO. Yes PB doesn’t have enough, but you only need to look at the Fortune mag to see that PB blows the ass off the iPad for reading.

    The biggest feature of the playbook is you don’t look like an a-hole using it in public. Although the i-pad is gdtting more popular I actually see less i-pad in public when I travel than when they first came out people have figured out the don’t want to look like an i-hole and so the pad stays at home.

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