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Walmart Selling BlackBerry PlayBook – Amazon Accepting Preorders

PlayBook Walmart

Since RIM announced the retail locations for the BlackBerry PlayBook I have been wondering about a few of the companies conspicuously missing from the list. For example, they had Walmart in Canada but not in the US and Amazon and other competitors like Newegg and were nowhere to be seen. Now we can happily report that two more are on board.

Corey let us know that he picked up his BlackBerry PlayBook at Walmart a few weeks ago. has all three size variants of the PlayBook and free shipping to Walmart stores if one is closer than a Best Buy, Staples, or Radio Shack. Bla1ze @CrackBerry also spotted Amazon’s new preorder pages for the BlackBerry PlayBook which is shipping from them starting June 1st. I am not sure what took these merchants so long to get on board but I am glad they are starting to get in the game. It is kind of interesting to see how easily RIM has grown from a direct to carrier to a direct to channel/consumer sales approach.

Let us know if you spot any other retailers carrying the PlayBook!

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  1. Would seem to me this points to good Playbook sales. Retailers aren’t going to stock it if they don’t think sales will be good. Also this suggests RIM is seeing good sales and is increasing production enough to satisfy the demand of Walmart and Amazon.

    • I agree retails don’t like holding on to stock if it isn’t going to sell. I was very disapointed at the level of knowledge (lack there of) that the best buy employees had when I went to buy one. They acted like the playbook wouldn’t make it. I love the thing!

  2. Walmart in Canada has the PB for sometime now.

  3. Unfortunately the Walmart I went to in Regina would not allow the PlayBook to connect to their wireless network. That certainly makes it difficult to make a sale of such a highly connected device.

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