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Free AutoTextBackup Saves Your AutoText Entries So You Don’t Lose Them


One feature that I love about my BlackBerry is the AutoText feature (or Word Substitution, which is the name RIM gave this feature in OS6). For those of you who aren’t familiar with AutoText, it’s basically a user definable spell check of sorts. But it has other very useful features too. For example, in my auto text database I have shortcuts set up for some of my more common phrases: bb becomes “BlackBerry,” dl becomes “download,” db becomes “Dropbox,” zz becomes “I love you too, but I’m driving right now so please stop texting me – I don’t want to crash and die!” I particularly love the last one because it always gets me a response of “how’d you type that so fast while you’re driving?”

As useful as AutoText is, there’s a major flaw with it that increasingly causes great frustration among us BB Addicts: AutoText entries from OS5, and sometimes even from lower versions off OS6, won’t restore when you perform an OS upgrade. This isn’t a big deal for those of us who only have 4 or 5 AutoText entries. When you start having more, it starts to get irritating. Several of my friends have lost thousands of entries – yeah, literally thousands.

RIM themselves have shown a disappointing lack of concern over the issue. AN example of this is there technical support post KB25616, where RIM addresses the problem (at least for wireless upgrades) and gives the following solution: “Re-enter the missing auto text entries when the wireless update is complete.” The full text can be read here:

Now that seems like a lot of work to me for people with thousands of entries, and still more than inconvenient for those of us with only a hundred or so. Luckily, TsunGSoft has given us a solution: an app called AutoTextBackup.

AutoTextBackup is a simple app that does what the name says it does. Best of all, it’s free!


Download it and you get a nifty little icon right on your homescreen.


When you open the app, you are presented with a very simple user interface, with only three options: Backup, Restore, and Delete.


Clicking the backup and restore buttons do exactly what you would expect them to do. The backup is stored right on the root of your SD card.

AutotextBackup4 AutotextBackup5

The dev said that there’s still a lot of things to be done with this app, so hopefully there’ll be some updates too!

For more info and a free download of AutoTextBackup, get it in the Store here:

From mobile:

The dev said that there’s still a lot of things to be done with this app, so hopefully there’ll be some updates too! I am hoping the app adds the ability to share your AutoTexts with other users and merge in new AutoTexts.

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  1. Great little app that does what it says. Very small footprint too.

  2. Good thinking. 😉

  3. i would like to save my mobile sms to my email id when my inbox is full

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