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RIM Flips AT&T the Bird and Offers PlayBook Bridge Desktop Install Files Directly


RIM is having some fun with AT&T over the BlackBerry Bridge feature on the BlackBerry PlayBook. AT&T is the only holdout carrier for BlackBerry Bridge and RIM blocks AT&T customers from downloading the Bridge app in App World. While others have already extracted the app and made it available to AT&T customers there are many who don’t trust other sources including enterprise customers. Turns out RIM feels their pain and made the BlackBerry Bridge desktop installation files available directly from RIM. You will need desktop manager on your computer to install this app using RIM’s download but it works like a charm.

BlackBerry BridgeBlackBerry Bridge2

The interesting part is that RIM says:

AT&T BlackBerry users should contact AT&T for information regarding pricing for the BlackBerry Bridge feature.

I really hope RIM does not give AT&T a way to charge for the Bridge feature. Once they let that dam break all hell will break loose. You can pick up the install files at the bottom of the page at this link. Now if only RIM would simply let all customers download the Bridge application from App World.

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  1. Haha. Take that AT&T

  2. Booya. GO RIM GO.

    Spoiled here in Canada, no charge for tethering. Telus even pushes it as a selling feature in their ads!

    Pros and Cons…. Pros and Cons

  3. They never even should have asked AT&T in the first place.

  4. Great for us here in Europe too as Bridge was not available in AppWorld

  5. Hahaha…I finally got it to work, sort of, but I’ve been flippin AT&T the bird since April 19th. They should have nothing to do with my playbook at all, irregardless that I have a BB using their cell service.

  6. this is gona be fun! war next?

  7. BTW RIM should stop giving operators so much freedom with softwares and updates. My operator hardly ever updates any BB device. RIM should release updates like Apple or Nokia. It should be none of operators’business to mess with updates.

    • Agreed, they need to tie updates to blackberry ID and remove the carrier from that aspect altogether. I’ll pay AT&T my monthly fee and I want nothing more from them. If an employer was paying my bill than fine the employer has a right to limit me but I pay my own cellphone bill.

  8. Check again… the page has been removed. Bend over, RIM. No, further.

  9. Link = Pulled .. so continues this cat & mouse game

  10. Bridging maybe…but so much for tethering because it’s not working

  11. Another reason I love Blackberry, I HATE AT&T!!! Freaking thieves!

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