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Dear RIM, Can We Get Network Activity “Arrows” on the BlackBerry PlayBook?

Activity Arrows

There is one thing I am really missing on the BlackBerry PlayBook that I have always treasured on my BlackBerry Smartphone as far as I can remember. Data activity arrows showing you what is going on when the app does not offer you a progress notification. I can understand that they may be distracting in some apps but when you are in the browser or other apps it would be really nice to be able to visually see that there is something going on. In the browser it would be even better if it could show you the items it is requesting in a bottom status bar kind of like Firefox 4 or Google Chrome does.

I am really curious to know if I am the only one missing this “feature” on the BlackBerry PlayBook. RIM could even integrate it into the current top left red arrow style by adding in a top right arrow where it would show a horizontal line for data transfer coming in and a vertical one for data transfer going out.

What do you think?

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  1. yea!! i agree!!!

  2. I still want customized sounds…or at least some choices other than the one sound.

  3. I have to agree with you. My Playbook bar will go half way across the screen and then disappear. But if I pull out my phone, it shows it’s still trying to load. Would be nice if you didn’t have to check both places.

  4. I want the LED to blink when I receive a notification like an email or bbm message.

  5. Especially so b/c of the bridge browser, which can be quite sluggish to load some pages — and if you try to start a new load while one is still going (such as clicking a link or opening a tab) things tend to go downhill.

  6. I agree PlayBook needs

    1. Notification colors like the blackberry with customized sounds.

    2. Customized sounds also for reminder alerts.

  7. Sorry, I prefer silence on mine. The little red thingy is enough for me. I don’t want arrows going constantly, especially if I’m reading a book!

  8. I don’t think they meant to make it a big phone…
    I believe their target is to make a tablet that works…like a tablet with blackberry features not the other way around.
    It wouldn’t make sense to get notifications for the same item the same way on different devices.
    What ever happened to that watch phone Impulse? (or whatever it was called)

  9. For me, the activity arrows would be nice but not critical.

    I do think that adding notifications – with options to customize them, or turn them off completely – is important. The Playbook may not be intended to be a big phone, but for a device that’s as integrated with a phone as it is, it needs better notification.

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