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Rogers Wireless New Upgrade Policy Explained

Rogers Wireless

To all you Canadian BlackBerry users out there, many of you are subject to the wills of Rogers Wireless and their iron clad 3 year contracts.   Canadians have always been the victims of outrageous cell phone contracts and plans, but, the tide seems to be turning in our favour with all the new competition coming from players such as Koodoo, Public Mobile, Mobilicity and Wind.

With this new competition comes better prices and in this case, better upgrade policies.  Rogers Wireless quietly announced on May 6, 2011, a big change to their Hardware Upgrade Policy. Now this is going to get lengthy and might be complicated, but, I will try to break it down. 
Lets start with the old system.

Old System:

  • All users were eligible for the  Hardware Upgrade Program, HUP, after 24 months from their last use of the HUP or 24 months after a new activation.
    • This means that if you newly activated with Rogers or last used the HUP at least 24 months previous, you were eligible for the HUP again
    • The old HUP basically allowed you to pay the  “3 year activation price” for any device.  For example if you had a Bold 9700 and wanted to upgrade to a Torch 9800, you would only have to pay the $99.99 list on the website as the only available on “select 3 year plans”
    • The price you pay for the using the HUP is that you renew your contract for an additional 3 years
  • In the old system, if it was under 24 months from your last use of the HUP or new activation, you were up the creek without a paddle
    • If you wanted a new cell phone you were forced to pay for it at the off contract price
    • In Canada through Rogers the price of a new Bold 9780 is $574.99 and a Torch 9800 is $624.99
    • Quite the hefty hit to the wallet.

New System:

  • First off.  They have changed the length of time you have to wait to access the HUP depending on the last phone you purchased from Rogers:
    • Premium Device Wait Time
      • Currently they list the Iphone 4 and Torch 9800 as “premium devices”
      • You must  now wait 30 months from new activation or last use of the HUP to be eligible to use the HUP program again
      • This sucks because you have to wait 6 months longer now to get the HUP, from 24 months to 30 months
    • All other Smartphones
      • This includes the 9780, 9700, 9300 and 9100 and all other blackberries other than 9800
      • The wait time remains 24 months, as in old system
    • Any non smartphone, ie regular cell phone
      • The wait time is 18 months
      • This has now improved the system for people who were using regular cellphones before and now want to venture into the Smartphone world
      • With the growing market of Smartphone users, this is good offer from Rogers
  • Secondly, now that we have established the new wait times, we move on to the second change to the HUP.  That is the application of a new Early Upgrade Fee, EUP
    • In the old system as I noted above, if it was under 24 months from your last use of the HUP or new activation, you had no access to any discounted prices on phones
    • The new EUP is outlined as follows and depends on your current device
      • If you own a “premium device” (9800 or Iphone 4)
        • If you want to upgrade before the new “30 month wait time” you can pay a fee of $20 per month you are away from the 30 month date
        • Ie.  If it has been 22 months from your last use of the HUP or new activation, you are 8 months away from 30 months
        • 8 months x $20.00 = $160.00
        • You would be able to have access to the “new 3 year activation” prices for phones by paying this $160.00
        • Not that you would, but, if you had a Torch now and wanted another Torch, in the example above you would pay $160.00(EUP) + $99.00 (HUP) = $259.99
        • This is a big difference from the $624.99 off contract price
      • If you own any other blackberry (9780, 9300, 9100, 9700)
        • The fee per month has been deceased to $15.00/month for every month you are away from the “24 month wait period”
        • Lets say you have a 9780 and want to upgrade to a 9800
        • It has been 18 months since your last use of the HUP or new activation, which puts you 6 months away from 24 months
        • 6 months x $15.00 = $90.00
        • So by paying the $90.00 EUP you would have access to the “new 3 year activation) price of the Torch 9800 of $99.99
        • So in total you would pay $90(EUP) + $99.99(HUP) = $199.99 for a new Torch 9800
        • Again, very good discount from the $624.99 off contract price

So as you can see above.  The system has become a more complicated and has some pros and cons.  The big improvement is in the regular smartphone category.

The increase from 24 months to 30 months if you own a “premium device” is a little hard to swallow and hopefully Rogers just changes it to 24 months like all other Smartphones.  There is a precedent for quick changes to the HUP as just several months ago Rogers tried to apply a 30 month wait time to ALL ACTIVATIONS.  There was such a uproar in the community they withdraw the new program and took a couple months to revise it into this one listed above

Of course there are the pros and cons of using program such as this, but, I won’t get into that now.  The bottom line is, there are many people out there who love gadgets and always want the new product, but, aren’t able to pay the “no contract price.”

The other big question is what will Rogers classify the new Bold Touch 9900 that is coming out.  I called Rogers today and posed that question and the rep I talked to wasn’t able to comment on that, but, indicated it would likely fall into the same category as the previous Bold.  The Torch 2 will likely be the new Blackberry “premium device”

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  1. I don’t even care if it’s more expensive to switch to Wind Mobile, this shit is too complicated. Come August, I’m done with Rogers.

  2. Haha!! Rogers is exceedingly frustrating, but, they have the network and they get the phones. Until the startups, like Wind, expand more in infrastructure, its still a no go to me.

    Guaranteed, if they get the 9900, it will be at least 4-6 months AFTER Rogers gets it, if they get it at all. They got the 9780 months after everyone else.

  3. But the tide is coming. The Canadian Mobile Phone market will be completely turned on its heads in 3-5 years.

    I think the reduction of 3 year contracts to 2 year contracts is coming within the next couple years.

    Cell phone plan prices will be roughly on par with USA prices within 3-5 years.

  4. So my Torch 9800 is 8 months old, so
    I have to pay 22 months @ $20 = $440 + $99 = $540?

    Cheaper to break my $400 contract and switch from Rogers.

    Doesn’t Rogers know we now have the port number services? It’s so easy to switch vendors and keep your phone number!

    • not really. i assume you will be changing phones as if you werent this whole conversation is pointless.

      you would pay 400 as you say to cancel but then if you went to another provider you would have to sign a contract to get discounted phone pricing.

      if you want to buy off contract any blackberry is at least 400-500

      its all about weighing the pros and cons of being on contract. for me i need to be on rogers as i travel too much to be on wind or mobilicity.

      therefore i dont mind renewing my contract to get a discount on phone

    • you’re also forgetting that there is a $35 HUP or New Activation fee from all providers

      also its 400dollars for your voice portion of the contract and another 100dollars on the data portion of the plan if you have upgraded your phone anytime within the last 2.5years almost 3years thats the cancelation fee process

  5. same old crap in a different pile.

  6. in the old system if I had $2,000 on my bill I was eligible for a hardware upgrade – I assume this is still the same…

    • $2000 on a bill!!!!! I’ve never heard of that, but, they best be giving you something for a $2000 monthly bill!

      • Sorry – that should have been $2000 on that contract.
        I’ve never seen it written but have used that to initiate my hardware upgrade eligibility. You may need a corporate account for it…

        • Hmm interesting, never heard of it. I know I get $2000 on my contract every 5 months and no one says I am eligible when I call.

          Maybe you had to request it?

          • I didn’t request it – I just said I want an upgrade. I may have mentioned the over $2000 I’d paid but just to say something like – I’m over the $2000 requirement.

            I passed it a few months ago but no real advantage in the 9780 over the 9700 other than more memory, and now trying to hold out for the QNX phone, though might change my mind when the 9900 comes out.

            Let me know if it worked for you.

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