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T-Mobile 2011 Roadmap Shows BlackBerry Monza, Apollo and BlackBerry Bold Touch

226800_10150175662228895_108726828894_6589618_1728926_nThe guys over at leaked the 2011 roadmap for T-Mobile which includes the BlackBerry Touch monza, apollo and the Blackberry Bold Touch 9900. Back in February we mentioned that T-Mobile was getting the all touch BlackBerry Monza.  During the BlackBerry World event we got further confirmation that this was the case.  The weird part here in the leaked roadmap is that they have the BlackBerry Monza due out on July 27th, and the Bold Touch for August. The Bold Touch has been officially announced by T-Mobile but nothing has been said officially about the BlackBerry code name Monza.

The dates for the device releases:

So it looks like all the rumors we had mentioned before about T-Mobile getting this devices are true. With that said which device are you looking forward to? The dates are subject to change which I hope they change to sooner, because that is a long wait if you ask me. RIM and the carriers need to get it together and release them sooner. It has been too long since they released a new device.


Source: thisismynext

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  1. I wish Sprint would make some sort of announcement.

  2. this must be outdated. how do they release the only officially announced new bb in the 9900 after the unannounced monza.

    makes no sense

    Ronen. Whats your take on the monza with os7. will we see it or not?

  3. I dont see in an official announcement from AT&T in reference to any of these phones, especially the Bold, which they carried each of the past two models. Anyone have a clue on why they don’t announce the phones?

  4. I agree that it has been way to long since we have seen any new BB phones. Personally, I also think they need to do something bold and new like releasing all of the devices at the same time. One launch date for the GSM carriers and a second launch date for the CDMA ones.

    Three new touch BBs each with a different form on the market at the same time would generate quite a bit of buzz and once a customer is in a store, there will be a new BB device to appeal to every type of customer.

    Unfortunately, RIM will never, ever do that. It is more likely that one will be release on the GSM carriers than a different model on the CDMA carrier than 6 months later the third model will be released for GSM.

  5. One other thing, do you think the lack of any mention of the Torch2 means it will be an AT&T exclusive again?

    • there has been no mention of any other phones than the 9900 so its hard to say. Considering the fan fare with the torch launch and att i would be very suprised if the relationship was over with just the first gen torch.

    • who knows though!

  6. Hope this means ATT gets the Bold 9900 in July, but I’m seriously thinking about moving to TMO given the bridge debacle.

  7. The only thing that can make this even sweeter is if these new phones have compatability with AT&T’s or even better with all the carriers- meaning world phone YEAH!

  8. I am excited for HSPA+!!!

    Up here in Canada we won’t have LTE until late 2011 but most likely early-mid 2012

    Gotta get my 4G fix somehow.. even if its fake 4G!

  9. I’m disappointed its not HSPA+ 42Mbps! Also, I would of really liked it to have world bands.

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