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Do You Want a “Today Screen” on Your BlackBerry?

BlackBerry OS 6 Today Screen BlackBerry OS 6 Today Screen3  

One of the things I have sort of missed since moving to BlackBerry OS 6 was the today screen themes that shipped with previous devices. RIM gave up on that old model with their new Activity Feed bar you get when you click on the notification bar. While at BlackBerry World my BlackBerry Torch decided to glitch out and for about an hour I had a today screen. It was really cool. For some reason the activity feed was locked in the open position and I could open and close the homescreen over it.

This made me wonder. Do you have any interest in a “Today” style homescreen? They seem to have gone out of fashion and I was curious what the general consensus was. Maybe their time has come and gone… Or maybe RIM should find a way to make this glitch permanent… 🙂

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  1. I’m not that interested in a today screen, but people like my wife would love it.

  2. nope. never liked using it.

  3. Oh, yes. When I have a theme without one, I generally use DeToday. Quite often go back to a theme with a today screen added (i.e. Metro Black)

  4. Nope. The Today never really helped me since the appointments were alway something like: Date “Do somet” “Somewh”.

    And guess, the notification in OS 6 is just the same!! 😀

  5. YES! Its the only theme I use!

  6. i really don’t have much need for emails on a today screen but have always REALLY wanted/needed my next few appts to show up to keep myself from missing something important.

    i have opted for deToday as my solution and was happy to find it worked after my att bold 9700 move to os 6 a couple weeks back. i just had to tweak some of the margins and settings and it works perfectly. calendar sits right in between the app ribbon and the search ribbon.

  7. Personally, I like having my calendar items right there in my face every time I pull my phone out. On my 8900 I had a custom theme that displayed 4 lines of calendar and had 12 icons. Now I have to get used to hitting the Activity Feed bar. It’s just one extra step that shouldn’t be necessary.

  8. If you use Theme Builder 6 you can make your own custom theme with a “Today Screen”. That’s what I did.

  9. When I first started making themes I was obsessed with today themes. And I guess with my last few themes I still am! Lol

  10. I would like to have the calendar events showing

  11. I would like something like Fancy widgets, where you can view weather, messages, to do notes, stocks, and calendar.

  12. Always used the Today – screen. Perfect for meetings – miss it

  13. Yes the ability to have recent emails and upcoming appts at a glance was a staple of my OS 5 experience. I would love to have it back in OS 6 In fact I spent the first couple days of owning a Torch searching in vein for a today theme for it.

  14. Today screen is the easiest way to manage your more important stuffs like calendar, email, sms, etc. You dont need to click any bottom just take a look on the screen and know what is coming next… I really like Today screen…

  15. That was only theme I used myself. I like to take one look at my BB and know how to plan my day. I use the drop down on my Torch to see the calendar/missed calls etc. now. But Blackberry can make it more friendly.

  16. Never liked today style themes. With keyboard shortcuts I don’t see any need for it.

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