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How Do You Arrange Your BlackBerry Homescreen? Share Your Tips!

BlackBerry Homescreen setup

I always enjoy learning about how others use their BlackBerrys. One of the most personal choices I have found users customizing is the order of their icons on the BlackBerry Homescreen. Specifically the top 4 or top 8 icons on the screen. These are the apps you tend to use throughout the day and I am curious to know how everybody sets theirs up along with the reasoning behind it.

Here is my favored setup:

  1. Messages
  2. Google Talk
  3. BBM
  4. Browser
  5. Twitter
  6. Calendar
  7. BerryReader Google Reader Client
  8. BerryReview Mobile app

Personally I like to put the apps I use the most in the corners of the 4×2 box so that they are easier to scroll to. Then I use the touchscreen on my Torch to access the middle apps.

Let us know how you setup your homescreen in the comments. Feel free to use a service like ImageShack or PhotoBucket to share a link to a screenshot!

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  1. empty… Leebo theme and everything hotkeyed.

    An empty homescreen is Sexy!

  2. 1st row: Messages, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Clock, Browser

    2nd row: Professional email (gmail plugin), SMS, BBM, Protect, AppWorld, Media

    1st row been like that pretty much since my 8310… o.o

  3. 1st row: Lock,Messages,Text Messages,BBM,Accuweather,Twitter

    On my Blackberry Bold 9780

  4. My favorite theme is widescreen9780 os6, a hidden dock theme with 7 icons, great for showing off wallpapers but still having quick access. My setup is: messages, calender, media, Slick Tasks, DropBox, Quick Launch, and Favs folder, where I have dumped my frequently used apps like mlb radio,, facebook, poynt, etc.

  5. LIne 1: Messages, BBM, Camera, Browswer

    Line 2: Social Feeds, Calculator, Weather Network, Google Maps

    Line 3: Calender, Facebook, Whatsapp, Poynt

    Line 4: Media, Score Mobile, Clock, Appworld

  6. 1st row: messages, bbm, family (bbm group), sms, contacts, calendar

    2nd row: browser, bb travel, ap0p world, clock, videos, music

    3rd row: maps, lock, tasks, memos, calculator, lock

  7. 1. contacts, text mess., bbm, weathereye

    2. email clients folder, calendar, bb browser, mobiola xplayer

    3. app folder, games folder, im folder, media folder

    4. bb maps, google maps, bb traffic sanoodi smaps

    5. poynt, flycast, radio companion, tunein radio pro

    6. bolt, beamreader, fixmo tools, fixmo extended

    7. google mobile app, bb news feed, the hockey news, pocket 10C se

    8. clock, musical clock, freelight, social media folder

    9. options, manage connections, sounds, setup

    10. pattern lock, bb fluff and stuff folder, bebuzz, zona snap

    11. power off, bb travel

    This is my migration to a torch from a 9000. I’ll likely drop zona snap with the extended tools of Fixmo that also includes a screen cap app. I bury other apps (like app world) in the custom folders I generate

  8. really I am the only one to have Google Talk in the top row? Between Google Talk and BBM that is almost half of my BlackBerry usage.

  9. 1st row – SMS, BeWeather, Facebook, Twitter, Opera Mini, BBM,
    2nd row – ebay, WordPress, Pinstack, Browser, Messages, ScoreMobile.

  10. I subscribe mostly to the company’s (I work for) productivity training around BlackBerry ( with a slight twist:

    First row: BerryWeather, BES Inbox, Messages (all personal), Calendar
    Second row: SocialScope, BBM, Social Feeds, BerryReader.

    Tasks and Contacts come in on the Third Row.

    Nice article by the way.


  11. 1st row – Messages, BBM, SMS, IM+ (for windows live messenger, google talk, skype)
    all my communications in one row.
    2nd row – BerryWeather, Live Profile, FB, Browser
    3rd row – twitter for BB, SocialScope, Foursquare, MeterBerry
    4th row – Media Folder, Custom Folder for blog stuff, get glue, sound profiles.

    usually only have the first row showing because i use my BB for communications more than anything else.

  12. Essential/native apps on home and then everything else in folders sorted in alphabetical order.

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