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Developer Manages to Convert Flash and AIR Apps for BlackBerry PlayBook

Flash Games

One of our long time development contributor on the forums, Keeper, has figured out how to take flash games and port them to the BlackBerry PlayBook as apps. Right now it seems to be a bit hit and miss but if you are into messing around with code and JRE’s you might want to check out this forum thread with his examples and instructions. He also has another thread going explaining how to side load other apps to the PlayBook. Its not for the faint of heart and make sure to stay on the right side of the law!

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  1. I’m personally extremely upset that App World is the only way for non-developers to install apps on the PlayBook. What this guy did is simplify the developer-installation method with some custom packaging of tools, but its still kinda a workaround.

    One of the biggest reasons, to date, that I’ve preferred BlackBerry over the iPhone has been the lack of an “App Store Lockdown”. If going there is part of a new trend for RIM, then I want no part of it. We’ll see what they do with the PlayBook over the next few months, but if they don’t open up app installation (and especially if they extend that limitation to future phone OSes), it may finally be the last straw that breaks my faithfulness to the platform.

  2. Hi again Derek 🙂

    Long time to see you around. I am so lazy to catch up with the LogicMail project 🙂

    Hope I can make it soon. I can’t stop playing around anyway 😀 He he he…

    For your comment on this topic, I totally agree. I miss the manual-OTA installation so much…

    Anyway we need to wait to see what is gonna happen in the next couple months.


    PS: I am Louis Tang from Viet Nam in case you don’t remember me 🙂

    • Ahh yes, and you still own me the Vietnamese translation, if you want it to be included when I finally move LogicMail 2.0 from beta to release. (likely to happen pretty soon)

      • Yeah 🙂

        Actually there are lot of opinions about the language using in LogicMail in Viet nam, they prefer English rather than Vietnamese. It’s reasonable since they are so familiar with almost English terms using in email such as Reply, Compose, Delete, Server, Outgoing, Incoming blah blah blah… And when Vietnamese is used, it’s strange. It has right meanings but I mean even it’s Vietnamese, it’s not familiar no more, in stead, English is used too much and they see it everyday on the net. 🙂

        Anyway, we can discuss this by email and save space here for this topic.

        Sorry Ronen 🙂


  3. I love how there converting new apps from Mac, Flash and other sources – there should be some great apps coming soon from the most versatile tablet on the market – The BlackBerry Playbook!

    • Yes i can but that is not real Angry Birds from Rovio. It is chinese modified version and it’s not cool, we need to wait for the next update OS to see the android apps player then we have both real Angry Birds from Rovio and Plants vs. Zombies from Popcap, Plants vs. Zombies has just been released for android yesterday, it’s so cool and i love these 2 games so much. I am waiting for Field Runners too, it’s hotest game for ipad and iphone now.

      • we need native and cool gfx games. the ones you converted are just “fun” and doesn’t really show case the PB.

        • First, we all need what u need, and what i’ve been doing is already SHOW the case, which is PB can grab tons of Flash Games out there but not ipad or iphone. However, i understand what you mean, and the answer is you need to wait for several OS updates to get OpenGL and WebGL supported for flash and html5 on playbook, plus, it needs better implementations in the core to handle jobs better.

          If you want powerful and heavy games like NFSpeed, we also need to wait for RIM’s C/C++ ported solution and NDK for it which EA already has and working on it.

          So far, at least, we have something free and fun to play with beside of business stuff 🙂

          Small info is that some of my ported games are compiled and deploy using webworks sdk and some using air sdk, flash games based on air sdk are running smoother than others, so we can see the differences between sdk, and that will be better in the next os updates.

          I also coded a gps app using google maps api, unfortunately rim has not turned gps on fully, it only works sometimes, i bet that is supported only in america, so I need to wait for it getting global then my app is gonna be fully function.

          • I notice one of game doesnt really work well and it hangs.

            can you convert some classic shoot’em up type games please?

            • Yeah there are some games requires perfect state to run, that’s why we need better graphic handling implementations from the next OS updates.

              Shoot’em up type games have the same issues, they need better graphic processing. Plus, when you play on desktop it uses mouse movement and mouse click event to handle actions, I realize mouse click event on PlayBook’s Webworks doesn’t work as expected, it’s not accurate, you need to touch 1 or few times to fire an event, I’ve ported some of this kinda games and honestly to say that we can’t play, it so laggy. When better OS comes, I will test and public some of them. I promise. 🙂

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