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Announcing the BerryReview PlayBook Edition Beta!


After a good 10 hours of work and a little help from some friends I have managed to ship up a PlayBook Tablet optimized version of the BerryReview website. The new PlayBook Edition has bigger buttons and simply works much better on the BlackBerry PlayBook than the desktop website. It is currently in a rolling beta with new features rolling out as we develop them. We have a few things on our roadmap but in short expect it to be really cool!

IMG_00000344 IMG_00000345

The new PlayBook edition of BerryReview works well in both portrait and landscape orientation. That way no matter how you hold your device you can still get the best experience. We could really use your help in ironing out the bugs or adding features to please feel free to suggest them in the comments, forums, or simply use our contact us page or tip line.

IMG_00000342 IMG_00000343

The best part is you simply head on over to from your PlayBook to get the optimized version. Enjoy!

IMG_00000348 IMG_00000349

The new PlayBook Edition of BerryReview is based on the open source Slablet project which has been abandoned. We hacked it up and made it work like a charm on the PlayBook along with implementing scrolling through another open source project called iScroll. Once we get things optimized I am hoping to release the project as a WordPress theme so anybody can enjoy. Currently the PlayBook Edition does not work on the Apple iPad or other tablets but if I get a chance to test one of the devices out I will consider turning it on.

IMG_00000346 IMG_00000347 IMG_00000350 IMG_00000351

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  1. Nice!

  2. Well done BerryReview! I know Crackberry is working on some sort of PB launcher app, but you have beaten them to the punch. Now get yourselves a decent logo that we can use for the Homescreen shortcut!

    • haha i have also thought a new logo is in order. this site kicks the crap out of crackberry!

  3. Very nice job. I can’t wait to try this out.

  4. woohoo! Using it now. Congrats!!

  5. Love it. It looks great. need to check it out more

  6. Nice.. hopefully it wont resend notifications as with ur mobile version.. 🙁

  7. Anyreasons to not implement it for BlackBerry® Devices? It works pretty nice on them too see here

  8. I saw the site this morn on my PB and loved it! I I had to tell Luis how good it looks. Great job Ronen and congrats on the layout!

  9. holy shit this is nice. way to lead the pack berryreview!

  10. Great job BR Team!

  11. Sweet, can’t wait to get on my PB later.

  12. I don’t have a PlayBook yet, but please optimize it for other platforms. I have an Archos tablet and would love this version of the site. You guys rock!!!

  13. Looks great!

  14. Great job Ronen! It looks and works great so far.

  15. Saw this when I first checked in today and it looks great, good job 🙂

    Tangent: If only the bridge browser wasn’t such a piece of crap, I’d be able to use it for all of my browsing during the day when I’m away from WiFi. If I get prompted to “save as” one more time after clicking a link I may scream…

    • It actually worked really good on my Bridge browser, I couldn’t logging to BR before from it, and now it works. The weird thing is am using a 9800 Unlocked, on tmobile only EDGE, with BES.

      • For me it’s a problem with almost any site that I open. I am thinking that the proxy running on the phone is somehow corrupting the mime type of the content causing the browser to not recognize it. I’ve been trying for weeks to find some consistency in urls, etc that cause it, but without any luck

  16. Great job! Represent Ronen, represent!

  17. Just tried it on my playbook. Looks very nice. 🙂 Only thing I noticed: Scrolling in portrait mode is a bit choppy/laggy.

    (The regular site doesn’t look right for me in firefox now when i view an article. Lots of empty space at the top. need to scroll down to reach the article. only side navigations appear at the top.)

    • Thanks everybody. Stay tuned for lots of updates. Sorry about the jaggedness when scrolling through comments in portrait mode. Im working on it and it will be fixed soon. There should be total feature parity between the desktop and PlayBook versions soon. The main reason for the PlayBook version is to simply make everything more touch friendly (more surprises in store!!!) and let me do things I cannot do on the desktop site. WebKit is simply way more powerful on the PlayBook. I also wanted buttons that my fat/clumsy fingers can actually press.

      What version of Firefox are you using Doug? I am using firefox to type this and I am not seeing any white space sticking out.

  18. Well, I am not so sure whether it’s a good idea to have a Playbook version. The desktop version looks just fine on Playbook.

  19. wow this is awesome! great job

  20. Congratz on your maiden launch. Good job! You’ve beaten the others, including Crackberry & BGR, SO KEEP MOVING…..

  21. Congrats the PlayBook layout is very well done…in horizontal mode! Vertical mode however still needs to be adjusted.

    • Yeah I am working on tweaking the site as I type. Working on the scrolling speed but after that I want to add gestures. That way you will be able to swipe between articles.
      I have made an offline version of BerryReview before but it did not run well on the BlackBerry Smartphones. I am going to try to use this new tablet model and see if that works in the future once RIM adds push notifications.

  22. Yes, very nicely done. As usual, only the best from the BR!

  23. Great job guys! I’m actually disappointed in Crackberry because lately you’ve been on top of everything quicker than they have. Some of your news haven’t even made it to their site yet. Now make it an App and you’ll totally rock!

  24. I like the PB version. It looks nice so far..

  25. Very nice and good job Ronen, i am on playbook now, great.

  26. I’m gonna try to make a quick app for this tonight in case BR hasn’t had time for it yet.

  27. wonderful job on the playbook site – it was a nice and obvious surprise when i surfed over to berryreview on my playbook in portrait and could immediately see how well it worked. congrats on a job well done – keep at it!

  28. Verry nice!

  29. wow im impressed

    you guys became my #1 web on BB news thanks guys keep the good work

  30. Try this shortcut while waiting for official one:

    Sorry Ronen if the logo is not what you expect 🙂

    • It’s cool that you did this, but with home screen bookmarks and a usable browser… isn’t it a bit redundant?

      • I don’t know how to change the icon for the bookmark which is added to home screen. It’s the site’s screen capture in a square form and I hate that 🙁

        The shortcut I’ve made just invoke the default browser because otherwise I need to code a Back/Forward/Refresh buttons and Status/Loading bar… in the real app. And I love to do that if we all want it 🙂

  31. I like it!

    …now I just need a playbook…

  32. Depending on which glasses or lenses I am using, the font on this page is a few sizes too fine. But overall very nice and much appreciated!

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