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BlackBerry Bold 9900s Showing Up on eBay? Are They a Scam?

Bold 9900 eBay

Its almost a tradition to see soon to be released BlackBerry devices on eBay or other sale sites. These devices tend to be prerelease hardware/OS and may have issues in the future but some people cannot help themselves and need the latest tech. That is why I was a bit curious when Terrence pointed out to me that there are currently two BlackBerry Bold 9900 available for sale on eBay. The odd part is that these devices are usually auctioned off but both of these listings are to Buy It Now. Also odd is that they each claim to have 10+ devices though they will only be shipping them between Jun. 27 and Fri. Jul. 1.

In short it looks like these listings are a scam or at the very least a “Buy for a ridiculous price and wait until they are available” kind of deal. The reason I thought this is worth mentioning is because one of these sellers has 100% positive feedback on over 1500 transactions and the other has 94.8% positive feedback on 324 transactions. The feedback seems to be from valid phone sales so I am not sure exactly what the story is here…

Let us know if you figure it out! Otherwise I would recommend steering clear from ordering one of these.

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  1. im betting that its valid and that its probably shipping around the time that carriers are announcing the release date, so the buyer is still getting it exclusively but paying for that

  2. The high positive feedback is very interesting indeed. Also worth noting in the description is where it says “Item only if defective or not as described can be sent back to us and Brand New item will be sent instead. All other reasons 30% will be charged if item is sent back to us.”

    With this statement and Paypal’s buyers protection against fake items. Seems a pretty solid buy if you use Paypal.

    Very interesting indeed……

    I would think that this person knows something about a release date and is trying to get early sales.

  3. I stopped using eBay because of such scams or fake deals…I’d wait for my local store to sell it instead.

  4. Yes that’s real. However the price is not reasonable. It’s pretty high now, i will wait and pay for around 700$

  5. I think this is scam. Some one hackt the account..! Happen several times with accounts with High Positive feedback!!!!


  6. I would be cautious. Plus at that prices listed, you would have to be daft to purchase now.

    Otherwise its just pre-emptying orders to come.

    Or they could be seed devices, Carrier stock that RIM dishes out – not likely at this stage though.

  7. Buyer beware! There are scams everywhere on eBay. I wonder though, if this is indicative of any release dates.

  8. “This phone may come with no logos on startup screen or the box, however in some cases it may come with a startup logo or network brand, like T-Mobile or Vodafone from Samsung, but it will be 100% factory unlocked.”

    the error is on both descriptions – SCAM –

  9. Its a very good idea to start selling Blackberry 9900 on ebay now and just write on the description that phone will be shipped in August 2011.

    You can get alot of money.

  10. Anybody who lost money on Ebay should report it as loses then they filling tax declaration.

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