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Review: BodyGuardz Carbon Fiber Armor for the BlackBerry PlayBook

file_2_5The guys from Bodyguardz sent over their new carbon fiber armor protective skin for the BlackBerry PlayBook. The skin is a carbon fiber style and also comes with an HD PlayBook screen protector. The carbon fiber armor gives your device a nice clean look and while providing protection.

Package: One black (also available in white) carbon fiber skin, a cleaning clothe, and one HD screen protector.

Product description:

Looking for a product to protect your device from scratches and add style? Look no further. Our BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber is designed to custom fit your device and provide tough scratch protection. Its carbon fiber pattern is stylish and smooth the touch. Installation is simple and, when removed, the BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber will not leave any sticky residue. Each protector is very thin and will not add bulk to your device. The BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber is tough and durable, and you can be assured that your device is protected.

Applying the armor to the device is fairly easy since it is one piece. Make sure you clean the device free of any lint or smudges on the screen. The best way to do this is to follow the instructions that come with the box. I simply aligned the skin so that the BlackBerry logo on the back of the PlayBook is not covered and then continued to apply it to the rest of the PlayBook. The Armor carbon fiber is designed to custom fit the BlackBerry PlayBook so it is not that hard to place it on it. They also have a tutorial on their website on how to perform the install. Is fairly simple and much easier than similar products I have tried in the past for other devices.IMG-20110509-00489

The skin covers the back of the BlackBerry PlayBook and the sides without covering the ports or the buttons on the top.

The skin feels really nice on the PlayBook, feels sleek but also gives it a nice grip. You don’t have to worry about accidentally scratching it, it is not designed as a tough durable case. For those that like to use the PlayBook bare this skin will fit your style nicely as it does not add too much bulk to it. It protects from small bumps and accidental nicks but probably would not do so well on hard surfaces.

The screen protector gives the screen a different feel to it, but does not take away from the touch screen responsiveness. The best part is that you don’t’ have to worry about scratching the screen on your PlayBook. The screen protector seems to have less finger prints left on it which I noticed the PlayBook screen by itself did. Applying the screen protector is not a challenge either and it does not leave bubbles on it if you align it correctly.

To apply the screen protector maker sure you align the top first with the camera openings so that it does not cover them. The screen protector is designed to custom fit the PlayBook as well so you won’t have any confusion as to where you need to place it.

Overall this product gives your PlayBook a new look at the same time providing a protection from accidental scratches. The carbon fiber armor is designed to protect against scratches and not drops into hard surfaces such as concrete, it may have a better chance of surviving and less damage to it but I wouldn’t recommend testing it.

Also remember that most cases made for the PlayBook are made to custom fit, that means that adding any extra bulk to it even if it is as thin as the the carbon fiber armor it is likely it will not fit into an Otterbox or other cases similar to it. I did manage to fit it back in an Otterbox case and surprisingly enough the touch responsiveness of the screen is not affected. The skin is not very thick so it should not make much of a difference for those that want to keep the device naked.

To purchase it simply visit their website at this link.

The cost is $29.95 and it is available in both Black and White.

[rating:9] It is easy to apply and it looks stylish, while providing an extra layer of protection.



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  1. Does it fit in dock station?

  2. I want to see a Dock like the rapid charging one BUT with more functionality. I’m talking about adding full size USB, HDMI and SDHC slots. Plus, the ability to connect it to the computer to sync with it and do updates or whatever as well. Also, I’d really like to see a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and a car dock for using it as a GPS device.

  3. Well, give me a week or so and I will let you know, moving on to case number 2 :/ Accidently dropped my playbook off my bed, survived and fortunately it landed on carpet not a hardwood floor or concrete but my a small piece of my casemate snapped…so, looking at getting this one now. I liked the casemate but why not try something different?:),

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