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Review and GIVEAWAY: DODOCase For BlackBerry PlayBook


If you’re not familiar with DODOcase, you should be. They have been around since April of 2010 and have been extremely successful with manufacturing cases for the iPad using traditional book binding techniques. The great news for all of us is DODOcase has decided to make an equally awesome case for the PlayBook!

I have had the privilege of trying this case out for the last week and I am impressed. The workmanship is excellent, the functionality is impressive, and it looks amazing. Keep reading to find out how you could be the lucky BerryReview reader to receive a FREE DODOcase for your PlayBook!

The first thing I noticed about this case is how cool it looks. Since the PlayBook is a portable 7”, when nestled in a closed DODOcase, it looks like a moleskin journal or notebook; elastic enclosure and all. Upon closer examination one can tell that those are not pages from a book, but bamboo; precision carved to fit the PlayBook snugly with no worry of falling out. There are also 4 rubberized pieces in each corner for added protection.


The DODOcase has an opening to allow access to the bottom ports. This is the only hint that this is not your grandma’s notebook when the DODOcase is closed. There are also openings to allow access to the top buttons and headset jack. I have heard of concerns about the DODOcase covering the mics at the top of the PlayBook. There is actually a very small amount of space at the top allowing for the mics to function properly. I can tell that this is true when I look closely and compare the gaps on top and bottom.


The DODOcase can fold back to function as a stand. Initially I had problems balancing it since the back tends to slip out when it is pushed back too far. The angle shown below is close to the maximum angle I have found that works on smooth surfaces.


When folded all the way back the DODOcase provides a nice angle for typing. It makes it a bit cumbersome when holding the PlayBook for extended periods, but not a big deal.


This is definitely a nice way to look sophisticated while reading through some ebooks from kobo, but not a position I favor for very long. I like to have the cover out of the way.




  • Unique and stylish look disguises your PlayBook as a moleskin notebook.
  • Fits the PlayBook snugly but not so tight as to make it difficult to remove.
  • Excellent protection from nicks and bumps since the PlayBook is almost completely enclosed in the closed position.
  • Standup and typing positions are convenient for watching videos or tapping out emails.
  • Elastic keeps case firmly closed when not in use.


  • No cutout for rear camera. This is a tough one. If there was a cutout, it would mess with the cool notebook disguise. It would also be awkward to take pictures because you would have to hold the cover so it wasn’t blocking your view of the screen or the camera’s view. Since the PlayBook is not too difficult to remove, this is not a huge issue for me.
  • A bit cumbersome when holding open for extended periods
  • Standup slips on some smooth surfaces if angle is too steep. Small rubber grippers on the edge of the cover would be a cool feature to fix this problem.

The kind folks at DODOcase have offered to send a PlayBook case to one lucky BerryReview reader! To win a FREE DODOcase for PlayBook, simply leave a comment on this post. You must be registered for your comment to count. I would also recommend following @dodosays on twitter and liking DODOcase on Facebook. The deadline for comments is this Saturday (May 14) at 11:59pm EDT. Only one comment per person will be counted.

For more information on DODOcase for BlackBerry PlayBook click here. It retails for $59.95.

To learn more about DODOcase and their unique approach to quality and craftsmanship, check out the video below.

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  1. Wow this looks really cool. I haven’t seen this manufacturer before but I can see why they caugh your attention. It looks like a book!! How cool is that!

    I agree with you the no camera whole thing probabl won’t be that much of an issue. The limited angle on smooth surfaces would be more of an issue but saying that I don’t think most people would have it at more of an angle than what you show above.

    Nice review!

  2. Want one….

  3. I would love to win one because I’m not familiar with firm and when there is cheeper oem convertable case I know I wont try it also. Because I’m not from US or UK I have no chance to try and buy so w/ out knowing anything about I couldn’t buy it. If I won It can change my situation because I can try and can be sure about future cases from them.

  4. Looks like a great case. Pick me!

  5. Firstly, great review. Always appreciate a normal consumer points taken.
    I was planning to buy this before but with no rear cam view, I think I won’t.

  6. great review. love the classic look of this case.

  7. Nice rev. Too bad about the rear cam though.

  8. this is exactly what type of case I want. I have a BlackBerry notebook that I got at a seminar and prior to the PlayBook launching I thought of how cool it would be to have a case that looked like that notebook.

  9. With the convertible case from rim recalled, can I have this? 😀

  10. looks like a useful case

  11. ehhh, why not. It might urge me to get one…not the case but the Playbook 😀

  12. With a new PlayBook on the way, this would be a fantastic first accessory to use on it. I’m really digging the disguising effect it gives.

  13. Looking real nice. Please count me in. Thanks in advance.

  14. Let’s try that again… seems my first comment didn’t post….

    I was considering the otterbox until I saw this review. This looks more professional and would be a welcome addition to those “bored” meetings. :)

  15. Looks like a great case, I want one!

  16. Looks like a great case, I want one!!

  17. yes please. This would be amazing. Thanks DODOCase and thanks BerryReview

  18. Thank you for the review. I’ll definitely look into this case as an option. If you were going to use the Playbook to watch movies on a plane (with the Playbook in standing position), would the charger fit properly? Or would you consider purchasing the BB charging stand or BB rapid charger? Just wondering.

    • Hi Zooby. The standard charger fits when in standing position, but the front of the case sits about half an inch off the surface with the charging cord holding it up. This actually provides more grip on the front allowing more of an angle, although is not ideal with all the weight on the cord.

      I actually typed this comment in that position to test it out. I’m not comfortable leaving it propped up like that for very long.

      I can’t accurately comment on the rapid charging stand or rapid charger as I have not tried them, but I don’t think the stand would fit with the DODOcase on the PlayBook.

  19. Nice looking case. Would look great on my desk and at meetings along with my fountain pen (which I am using less and less these days).

  20. This case would be perfect with the playbook that I got at BlackBerry world! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  21. Do Do really has a good case here-would love to have it cover my Playbook!

  22. Nice case.. 2000% upgrade from the sleve that comes with the Playbook

  23. I’ve been looking for a case just like this.. Works as a stand and you can flip it to hold face up.. Love it

  24. Wow Cool

  25. I love the look and the functionality of the case. Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. what a great case .. i would love to have it ^.^ thanks

  27. It looks like the only drawback is access to the camera on the back when the playbook is in the case. But I’m not a big video taker so the case looks great to me!

  28. Oooo I want one :)

  29. Looks fabulous.

  30. This case looks very good. Will also have to check out DODOcases other products.

  31. OH WOW!!! I really want this! I win this I WILL BE SO STOKED!!!! Please every wish mer luck just as I wish you all luck.

  32. Look so cool.. i want one! :)

  33. Nice :)

  34. I already have an Otterbox but this one looks really classy.

  35. First and foremost the lack of an opening for the rare facing camera is not a negative. The case is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and also camouflages while protecting the expensive machinery contained within. It also has a rich finish. The cut outs for the power, HDMI, and earphone allows for easy access. The professional diary look is functional especially for professionals. A must have, I want one.

  36. DoDoPick me to win. Case looks really nice, different.

  37. Just received a PlayBook, been looking for a case, this would be SWEEEET!!!

  38. This case looks SWEEEET!!!

  39. Can I have it?!

    Not having a cut out for the camera is no biggie for me..

  40. looks like a great case! would love to win one

  41. I would love to win.

  42. I was originally searching for a Moleskine case for the PlayBook but found this instead. Love it!

  43. i want one! pick me 😀

  44. Wouldn’t mind this since i’m picking up a PB soon

  45. This looks like the best Playbook case I’ve seen so far. It’s a perfect design for a 7″ tablet.

  46. Count me in!!!

  47. I was meaning to stop by the Dodo store here in SF to check this out.

    Looks cool. Not sure about the bamboo though.

  48. I’v been looking for a case for a while.. This one looks excellent! I would love to win this.. Pleaseeeeee 😀

  49. Winning this is the perfect way to justify buying a playbook.

  50. Looks like a really great case and I would love it for my brand spanking new PlayBook.

  51. very clean and professional looking. makes the playbook acceptable to bring into a meeting without looking blatently obvious. i’ve seen the mivizu case…this looks just as nice. i would love to have one.

  52. Oh my dodo
    I love you more than I can tell
    I don’t think I can live without you

    Oh my dodo
    I want you so it scares me to death
    I can’t say anymore than “I love you”
    Everything else is a waste of breath

    I want you
    You’ve had your fun with Jay
    You don’t get, well, no more
    I want you


  53. Nicely constructed – like the ‘book’ idea. Indeed, perfect for meetings

  54. I would like one please…looks like a nice case for my playbook :-)

  55. Good review, like the look a lot, makes it look more formal in the work enviroment.

  56. I was just sitting here looking at my PlayBook and thinkin, “I need some way to prop that bad boy up here as I work.” This case looks perfect for the job. And my friends will think I actually write notes in a moleskin journal – that tops it! Please send me one.

  57. Hey guys.

    There is a 10% discount for DODOcases if you order from here:

    The discount will expire in 10days time!

  58. Great review. Well written and informative on a product I was unfamilar with. Thanks BR for the contest. At an IT board presentation this morning, I thought how well a dodo case would work.

  59. Excelent case to protect my BB PlayBook, thanks BR again for the contest and good luck to all.

  60. I really like the Royce Leather playbook case. made in genuine leather and looks like it protects the screen quite well

  61. looking forward to win this beautiful case for my 64gb playbook

  62. Case looks amazing! soo want one!

  63. I have been coming here everyday since the playbook launched to salivate over it. This weekend when I get paid I am finally I am going to get one for myself. And I am thinking the case will be a lovely addition. Btw does anyone know of any other cool cases for the PB?

  64. btw, very good review but I have a question. How thick does it make the playbook and does it add any appreciable weight to it?

    • Hi Kobena! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the site! Remember to register so you qualify for the contest. :)

      The DODOcase does not add much thickness to the PlayBook; less than 1/4 inch total. The small amount of additional weight is hardly noticeable.

  65. Very cool.

    Sleek, sophisticated, custom. Just what you need to give your Playbook that “best-dressed” look for a big meeting or event.

    Kudos, on the DoDoCase. This will never go the way of the DoDo Bird!

  66. Looks like a gorgeous case, have been keeping my eye on it for a while.

    Fingers crossed!

  67. Playbook Playbook of them all
    Berry Review has sent the call
    Didnt want an Ipad, or a Kobo
    All i need is Playbook, Berry Review and DODO (case)

  68. Great review, looks like a nice case….you know Jay, I’m actually shopping around for a new case, did you have to make it random? :)

  69. I want it!!! New playbook comes in today…. salivating already…. :-)

  70. I can figure out if I want to go with the Otterbox of this case. Decisions, decisions

  71. In case you don’t win the free Dodocase, use this link and we both get 10% of our purchase.

  72. looks like the dodo is making a comeback out of extinction!

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